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Zeus able to take control of himself and other Players
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When you are a soldier and are also zeus playing as yourself. If you get into a Zues AI spawned chopper, and head into zeus mode to take control of the chopper, it ends up making you take control of other players + yourself.


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Zeus - General
Steps To Reproduce
  1. Open editor
  2. Place player
  3. Place Zeus Marker
  4. Load Preview
  5. Open up Zeus
  6. Place a AI chopper
  7. Close Zeus
  8. Run up to the chopper and get in the back (Or let a friend)
  9. Open up Zeus again
  10. Use Take Control Zeus function on chopper to control pilot
  11. You'll now be controlling your own character (or other players characters if on multiplayer.

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Don't really understand this one. In your example you are controlling the former AI chopper pilot while your "real" character is in the back of the chopper. I don't see any problem with this ?!

No one happens is you take control of the player in the back. When it should be the pilot

Fixed when Zeus himself is in the vehicle.

However, I wasn't able to reproduce it with another player. When he's in cargo, Zeus takes over pilot correctly. When he's a pilot, remote control is not allowed.

I'm not able to reproduce taking over players or myself anymore. and it seems to be working better now.

Seems resolved then.

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