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playSound3D is only directional where executed.
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playSound3D will play with directional audio only on the machine that executes the command. All other machines hear the command non-directionally, as if it was played with playSound instead.


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Steps To Reproduce

Put down 2 players and a box named "box" with an action added to executing the following:

playSound3D ["A3\missions_f\data\sounds\click.wss", box, false, getPos box, 1, 1, 10];

Host the mission with a friend and active the action on the box.
The sound will be directional only to the person using the action.

Additional Information

Running the playSound3D on all machines of course doesn't help cause the sound is played multiple times. Maybe a parameter can be added to the command: "playSoundGlobal" - boolean - true is current config, false means the sound plays only locally.

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Edit for clarification in description.

executed on server it only fades with distance on client but no 3d effect whatsoever.

No 3d effect in the editor now, latest dev

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This seems to be fixed. No sound in editor but it works on a dedicated server now.

Haven't run a dedicated test but the mission that made me post the issue is now running as expected. Directionality seems to be working both in editor and in MP. Will run a test to confirm this and report back.

works on dedi too, resolving.

Mass-closing all resolved issues not updated in the last month.

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