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clearWeapon\Magazine\Item\BackpackCargoGlobal commands no longer work on non-local objects
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No longer work when called on non-local objects. {F23371}


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Run attached mission clearcommands_repro.Stratis with 2 players
  2. Player 2 (Client) observes a weapon holder with weapon, magazine, item and backpack near him
  3. Player 2 (Client) selects and activates "Clear everything" action which calls all four clearCargoGlobal command on weapon holder
  4. Observe that nothing happens
Additional Information

This bug is also related, please fix this already, it has been problematic since first day of Alpha.

(Yes, i am mad)

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Hi, there were some heavy arguments why we have decided to modify ClearXXXGlobal commands to work on owner's machine only. But obviously we can't say: "Hi community guys.. sorry for inconvience, but you have to change all your scripts". So within a day I will revert this change and try to find a better solution

I think you should really start introducing SQF 2.0 commands and gradually phase out old commands. This way no harm done. New commands already available old commands still exist but are gradually removed with enough notice. By trying to make it all universal you actually making it more confusing and more difficult for everyone including yourselves.

Sorry mate it still does mean we have to update all our missions with a fix (that is not around yet/full working atm ) till the next update is released. Like most MM I don't use the dev version for (puiblic) release missions.

Is there a temp fix?

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Out of curiosity - would this also affect the "clear weaponcargo this" and other similar commands? Ever since the patch none of my vehicle fill scripts work at all, and I'm concerned as to why.

Does the hotfix work?

SaMatra added a subscriber: SaMatra.May 7 2016, 6:05 PM

Yes it does, ticket can be considered resolved and closed.

Closing as fixed.