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Multiline Resources with relatively big text results in instant crash
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Multiline text boxes are bugged. Using either a big fontsize or making the width/height relatively small in comparison to the text, results in a crash of Arma when displayed.


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Steps To Reproduce

Try using a class like this for the dialog

#define CT_STATIC 0
#define ST_MULTI 0x10

class RscText

access = 0;
idc = -1;
type = CT_STATIC;
style = ST_MULTI;
linespacing = 1;
colorBackground[] = {0,0,0,0};
colorText[] = {0,0,0,1};
text = "A";
shadow = 0;
font = "puristaMedium";
SizeEx = 1;
fixedWidth = 0;
h = 0.001;
w = 0.001;


Additional Information

If you dont have any text in your box the crash does not happen, but as soon as you have even on letter *boom*

With a single line style 0x00 this does'nt seem to happen.

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It seems like the "linespacing" is the problem here if it isn't scaled with SizeEx.Still multiline text seems kind of buggy. More useful are Structured text as it seems like it can make an automatic linebreak. The problem however with this is that most controls cant take structured text :(

Fixed in 116348. Pls check when a new dev build is released.

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