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Team VOIP Channel & Teams in general (Feature Request)
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This is a feature request

There is functionality within a group to define team colours and thus make fire-teams
However there is no corresponding VOIP channel to support it.
This makes the useage of team colours in a players group nothing more than cosmetic.

The idea would be that a member of a group can chat to other players who are in the same team colour within the scope of that group without interfering with group chat.

In addition to further support the role of the team leader, when double tapping escape which brings up the double chevrons of the group leader, would also bring up another identifier for the team leader.

This would compliment the team system and tie things up nicely


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Teams are used for giving commands to the AI, so aren't just cosmetic and you can still give commands via the menus for them to read even if this team is human players, although obviously this is awkward unless you're using voice activation to send the commands or know the menus off by heart.

I don't really see any need for extra VOIP channels though as it's easy enough to use Group and just say "Green, do this", so that the other fireteams know you're not talking to them. You'd need four or five extra VOIP channels to cover all the Teams, which would make scrolling through the VOIP channels more fiddly.

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You would see the need for extra voip channels if you played TvT (PvP) like TacBF where there can be squads of 10+ players that can be divided up to 3 fireteams (FTs). Now imagine all those 10 players using the same group channel and what mess it creates. When the FTs could be using their own FT channel for FT related chat and only use Group channel to coordinate with Squad Leader.

This feature is desperately needed in PvP. Without it ppl will just abandon the built-in comms and move on to Acre/TFR etc. cos they provide this function (+ a lot of other voice comm related stuff that A3 is lacking or are broken/suck e.g. bad attenuation of 3D voip atm)

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You need to approach this looking at the bigger picture. Just because your community doesn't use has nothing to do with how others do.
Teams are not only used for giving commands to A.I however it is less likely to use them for players because a player who is set to a team has no way of just communicating with his theam, team leader.

Think about a 12 man squad with 3 teams all using group chat.

I am looking at the bigger picture, as in I don't want BIS wasting time on this feature when there's more important things for them to do at the moment.

We're talking about VOIP, not chat (i.e. text) and I don't see that's it particularly hard with some radio discipline to manage all 3 teams on the Group VOIP channel. The team members should be close enough to communicate with each other using the Direct channel and not need to clog up the Group channel.

On my clan's server, we use TFAR and use the Direct Speech button (standard Teamspeak key), which is similar to VON's Direct Channel for talking to nearby squad mates (it can be set to Yelling to increase the distance that it travels) and the SR radio for talking to the team leader or other members of the squad who are further away. Or you could give each team leader and the squad leader an extra SR (or LR) radio, so that the team communicates with each other on one channel and the leaders on the other radio set to a different channel.

VON has always been inferior to third-party solutions such as ACRE and as we have these better solutions and BIS has enough other problems to sort out, it seems pointless asking them to spend time on improving VON.

Terox added a comment.Feb 25 2014, 7:25 PM

Our public server is vanilla and therefore an addon solution is not the answer.
Newcomers to this game need vanilla servers and don't automatically just have teamspeak installed and the loop holes they have to pass through to get addons up and running doesnt help.

To this end voip, which has improved drastically over the years is an excellent solution in the public server environment.

Team functionality is already there and voip is already implemented and capable of differentiating between players in a vehicle , or players in the same group. So to add this last missing channel wouldn't i suspect require too much effort.

Reading between the lines.
You don't use voip
You are in a clan, which presumably runs a private server
This probably means you don't deal with newcomers to the game on a daily baseis who have little if any knowledge of addons.
You also believe voip is fairly poor in quality.

I wouldnt for a second attempt to deter any ones feature request just because I personally wouldnt use it and if i did give my opinion, i would do it based on experience and knowledge.

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Ratszo added a comment.Mar 8 2014, 2:32 PM

This will greatly help Fireteam Leaders in PvP play.

More useful than 'command' channel; more needed than side channel.

The voip thing isnt really working as it should. I mean side and Global are lagging as hell on most servers. This kind of feature isnt high priority. Let the devs fix the lag and after that maybe such thing. Or a scriptbased solution like addind channel through the script.