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Weapon cloning(duping)
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  1. Select item
  2. Push at sametime both mouse buttons
  3. 1th weapon will be in slot, 2nd weapon will be in hands
  4. Put 2nd weapon back to the ground
  5. Finaly you will have two same weapons
  6. In MP Team vs Team its look like a cheat(bug).

Thx!!! {F23299}


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Confirmed. I could not replicate it exactly as in the video, but I could successfully dupe my handgun several times.

put handgun on the ground
right click tap and quickly left click hold just like on video
drag it into your backpack
you now have 2 guns

did this on empty server as well

And can you reproduce this bug even in SP?

Yes, this works in SP

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Duplicate of #16979 (which is private)

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In MP Team vs Team, when weapon is selected by default Players who have for example AT Titan can duplicate 20 rockets. So when weapon was given in missions by mission setting duplicating is a very big bug(cheat).

FIXED in DEV. 116041 will be distributed tomorrow.

Unfortunately task #0016979 is not a duplication but the stand alone task. This one was completely about SP but #0016979 is because of a network code

Uploaded screenshot after the fix. It is definitely more difficult to dupe now, but still possible using the same technique. So not fixed :(

Oh yeah, all done in the editor

Duping is a critical issue for all persistent maps, and important on most others.