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Add a "Save Status" Option to zeus
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Add a Save Status option which will allow you to quickly save/load a mission you made last time , on the fly (so you could stop and continue)

Look at the MCC mod for similar behavior


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any chance this gets pumped up , even though it doesn't have a lot of votes , I can see this reques popping up everywhere I go

I don't know why this doesn't have more likes, this is a huge issue. We either need to implement saving, or hear from BI about the 3D editor. We don't even need it right now, we just want to know if it's coming.

still not reviewed

For what it's worth, a feature like this would be tremendously useful. I'm running a role-playing campaign with my friends with myself as the Game Master and the players are trying to start up a resistance movement. Without the ability to persist the situation between game sessions, instead of being able to stash equipment neatly inside boxes or cars, we're literally writing down all of our inventory as we go. Being able to save would be great.

It is now at the point where the capabilities of Zeus as an editor are surpassing the 2D editor in some elements (placing buildings and such), although the 2D editor is still vital for most functions.

Surely this is not hard to implement? Please?

still not reviewed posted on 2014-02-18 02:26 now it's 19/05/2015 16:46 do they care ? i don't know

Does't seem like it

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