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Radio Bugs in ZSC
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I have encountered following problems when hosting ZSC 32+2 Control Edessa:

  1. Zeus can´t use his yellow channel or side channel to communicate with players: they won´t hear him.
  1. On side channel, Zeus can hear his team and other (enemy) Zeus too.
  1. Both Zeuses (its not correct plural is it? :D) CAN see rival´s objectives and edit them.


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Zeus - General
Steps To Reproduce
  1. Host the mission ZSC 32+2 Control Edessa
  1. Select side channel, try to communicate with players
  1. Try the same while using Zeus channel
  1. Communicate with other Zeus on side channel
  1. Create objective, ask other Zeus if he can see it

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Channels should now work correctly, check for "BLUFOR / Zeus" or "OPFOR / Zeus" channels.

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