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Ai can tell friend from enemy when they shouldn't
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Ai units can tell if one of their vehicles or a civilian vehiche is driven by enemy without seeing the people (units) inside


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  1. Place west rifleman in stratis airbase in one of the tent hangars
  2. Place civilian man as playable next to him
  3. Place empty vehicle next to them. In this case cheetah (west anti air armoured)
  4. Place east (csat) mi48 kajman flying maybe 500 m away and so that it does not see inside the tent hangar

Now it depends totally on which person enters the vehicle whether the chopper will engage the cheetah. The vehicle can also be civilian or csat, it does not matter. The chopper will kill the vehicle with west soldier. I tried with an ifrit (csat vehicle) and hatchback (civilian) and tried also by removing weapons and uniform, same thing, maybe took a few seconds longer for the ai to engage, but still.

You can even try to shoot with your rifle as west soldier and you get killed, but as civilian you can let loose several magazines and nothing from the chopper.

Forgot to mention. Drive out of the hangar. The hangar seems to mask the unit from enemy radar, as it's probably supposed to, i imagine

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As a side note, how is the ai able to tell an at soldier from an aa soldier from great distances or by using thermal viewers.

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Even worse, it's important to note that this in the same with vehicles with no visible crew... Drive a tank towards an enemy AT soldier and they'll engage you the moment you get within 100-200m or so, despite the fact they can't even see any visible crew of the vehicle whatsoever.
Arma 3's AI is a shambles, and should be seriously improved.

upvoted, but:

this isnt a real issue since in real life military has contact with each other by radio etc... they know positions and actions.the problem here game cant simulate radio talks between us and enemy ai, thats why they just shoot.doesnt matter what uniform or vehicle u use teh thing is more comlex and difficult.
this can limit custom missions vs ai the most, but thats it

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This has been a pain in all versions of the game.

If you have AI in your group they will call out if they see a tank but they only do this if it's got a crew.

So you can just walk up to it without any fear, total immersion killer.

What we really need is a threat setting for vehicles.

lower levels it would be ignored as it is now
medium level approach with caution
Higher levels avoid
Highest attack

Faultron: True, but when a aircraft can engage enemies in civilian vehicles from 1 km up in the air, the real-life-military starts to fade away. ...or maybe not. :)