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Zeus mode: Add possibility to run a script command
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When double clicking on a unit in Zeus mode, it would be nice to have a box where one could enter script commands with "_this" set to the current unit. For example, place a chopper, double click on it, and enter

_this flyInHeight 20;

to change the flight altitude of the chopper.


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I believe this can already be achieved if debug console is enabled in the server's description.ext, but it would be much more stream-lined if within the Zeus interface. Maybe there could be an option for ArmA to parse the code that Zeus tries to run, to make sure everything is withing fair game. (no setDamage being used on players, check to make sure vehicles attempted to be spawned can be paid for, etc)

Not really. You can do it IF and only if you have the object handle of the chopper, i.e. you need it to have a name assigned. Besides, enabling the debug console will allow it for all players, which is hardly what you want, especially not on a public server.

Having the debug console in the Edit window of the unit is the only thing that makes sense.

This should be fairly easy to add, thanks.

Meanwhile, you can use 'curatorSelected' scripting command in the debung console - it will return all selected entities like objects, groups or markers.

Ah, cool :) Thanks a lot!

Exec field added to object attributes.

It's visible only when debug console is available (

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