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Removing all magazines of one type and re-adding the same magazine will generate one too many
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If you enter this on the console, all Chemlight_blue are removed from the players inventory:

player removeMagazines "Chemlight_blue";

However, after executing this code:
player removeMagazines "Chemlight_blue"; player addMagazines ["Chemlight_blue", 3]

The player should have 3 Chemlight_blue, but gets 4.

To make matters worse:
player removeMagazines "Chemlight_blue"; player addMagazines ["Chemlight_green", 3]

The player ends up with 3 green chemlights.


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I can confirm, what a funny bug.

It seems if you run addmagazine command for the first time it works as intended, any subsequent use adds +1 mag. Just do this, so you have time open inventory and see it happening in front of your eyes :)

  • spawn {

sleep 3;
player removeMagazines "Chemlight_blue";
sleep 3;
player addMagazines ["Chemlight_blue", 3];

1st time it adds 3 lights and then always 4, it is like there is a buffer or something that doesn't get cleared.

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Same here. Happens when the addMagazine command is run for the first time. Relates to chemlights and smokes.

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can confirm this as still happening.

You buy white smoke grenade you get 2 of em.
You clear inventory

Yo buy 1 white smoke and 1 red smoke:
you get 2 white and 2 reds

you buy 1 white smoke, a red smoke and a IR grenade, a chemlight, one of each magazine.
You get 2 white smokes, 2 red smokes, 2 chemlight, 1 IR grenade, 1 of each magazines.

So this is what had me very confused the other day. Yeah, can also confirm it still happens.

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Note: This bug report is still valid