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Uniforms\Vests duping bug
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This inventory bug lets you dupe uniforms (and probably vests) in any amounts with single right click of the mouse (after some preparations). {F23166}


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Start attached uniform_dupe_repro.Stratis mission with two players
  2. Car is owned by the server, uniforms are added into the car by client
  3. Player 1 (Server) opens car inventory and observes that two uniforms are not stacked
  4. Player 2 (Client) moves both uniforms into backpack and then moves them both back into car inventory
  5. Player 1 (Server) opens car inventory and observes that two uniforms are now stacked and bugged
  6. Player 1 (Server) attempts to wear bugged uniform causing their current uniform to dupe. This can be repeated over and over times to create any number of uniforms. Same should work with vests as well.
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Server point of view:
Client point of view:

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fixed in DEV 116103

It should be fixed in actual version.

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