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add the distance to the rearm action to the action menu like the target menu
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ever get tired and tired of guessing which is the closest rearm option you have out of the 100 options available?

it would be nice to have some sort of filter or distance from the ammo source from that soldier whose selected not the player.

for example... look at the target menus new addition.
it gives the distance away or something or rather


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Steps To Reproduce

load the editor
place 2 units
make the AI low on ammo
place sources of ammo i.e. dead soliders, ammo crates vice versa
scatter them everywhere
order the AI to rearm to the closest possible source to that AI.

Additional Information

you will notice that there not in any sequence
you have to guess which one is closer.

forum for the problem...!&p=2610465#post2610465

this has been an issue since i can forever remember.

the target menu had a tweak... cant they do that to the rearm list too? or something better

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Did we not get a distance attached to each target in the Target menu. Then it should be possible to get this as well in the Action menu, and have them sorted as described. This should hopefully be easy.

But I would like to take it a step further. Have a command in the Action menu, that just says Rearm. AI will then locate the closest source for rearming with the standard loadout for its class (FAK, grenades, magazines, etc.). If this could consider any live Ammo Bearers as well, it would be even better.

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nice one! would be good if the AI was smart enough to decide where to go for ammo....

sounds like we need to tell the AI to breathe at the moment lol

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It would also be great if the order of the items in the menu wasn't completely random but in order of distance.