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Fatigue does not regenerate while in a vehicle
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When you are out of breath and enter a vehicle, fatigue does not seem to regenerate. The character keeps panting until you get out, then it continues regenerating fatigue.

Tested in multiplayer. Not sure if reproducable in Singleplayer.


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Run around until you're panting.
Enter a vehicle.
Pant until the end of days. Or until you disembark and resume catching your breath.

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I can confirm this is also a problem in single player missions.

Duplicates (none have significant number of votes): #14128, #11423

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I can confirm that too.


Confirmed here.

In co-op multiplayer I've seen the following happen several times with the fatigue:

  1. No heavy breathing when I entered a vehicle, but when I drive (truck) or fly (helicopter) I immediately START heavy breathing. The faster I drive or fly, the louder I breath heavy.
  1. I've laid down inside an empty house. I wasn't breathing heavy. But I've left the game for 20 minutes to fold laundry (in real life), and when I came back to the game, my virtual soldier was breathing heavy . . . like he just ran 100 miles non-stop! But the game character was laying flat on the house floor, and didn't move 1 inch.

Seems to be related to certain vehicles only, according to duped tickets.

I actually thought it had been fixed – I did not encounter it in v1.20. But it is back again today just after the v1.22 update. Slammer tank in single player mission – the same scenario that I played yesterday with v1.20 without encountering endless panting.

Please ensure that the fatigue does not "reset" as soon as you enter a vehicle (like it did in ARMA 2) as this will allow players to abuse the feature.