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SetTaskState Module not working correctly in MP
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When creating a task/set it's state using the Task-modules in MP the tasks are automatically completed as soon as MP-users join the "briefing"-screen.


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. create MP-mission and create a task using task module
  2. create module "setTaskState" and link both
  3. create a trigger to define when task is complete
  4. link trigger with setTaskState-module
  5. open MP-server (I did not use a dedicated) and let join somebody
  6. in the briefing the joined user sees all tasks as completed right away, the server will see that over time the task(s) is(are) completed (before even starting the game).
Additional Information
  • first I thought I made a mistake during copying of the mission, BUT then I tried a mission we played some weeks (~a month ago, which worked perfectly then) ago AND it didn't work either -> problem is NOT mission-specific -> seems to be a bug which must be introduced sometime after christmas 2013 (I guess).

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Affected all modules with isGlobal=1 and isTriggerActivated=1.

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How it is resolved ?

Only dev work but normal version not,
When will be fix in normal version???

And what is that mean " Affected all modules with isGlobal=1 and isTriggerActivated=1. "
Shall i add this as a script somewhere then will work ?
I spend long weeks on my mission and just before we was going to play they update the Game ;(

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Dymo4, thank you, I couldnt say any better.
Guys how is it really fixed ? Can you explain ? Or even if so, what the hell does "Affected all modules with blabla" mean ? This is not resolved.

dymo4 added a comment.Feb 9 2014, 6:47 PM

I was trying all day on every way putting those two scripts to mission sqf , and to init and condition of the module it self , and no luck ,
I wish i have not done this mission , i wood do scripting way to set the tasks, but mission is already done :(

This is my mission maybe somebody can help me fix it as i really done lots of work for our clan [VETERANI.PL]

This has Been fixed but they cannot patch the game every time they have a fix. so it is currently running in development version waiting a stable patch. " Affected all modules with isGlobal=1 and isTriggerActivated=1. " this is a small bit of information on the route of the problem saying this was a problem for all modules with this code.

This is SO not fixed...

I've run into a related issue: too many tasks and taskstate modules, and eventually (if I remember correctly, I'm at about... 20 tasks, with about 30 or so taskstates) the TaskState module stops working. All previous tasks work well enough, but trying to continue making the mission with more tasks becomes impossible, as tasks aren't being affected by any new taskstate modules.

This is still not fixed...

Reopening thus.

Funny enough, just as you posted that I was messing about in the editor. I don't know if this is me being stupid(most probably is), but if the trigger that creates the task is set to "Switch", it will be created already succeeded.

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^ ^ What NakedViking wrote is completely true, and has wasted many hours of my time using current stable build. Isn't this a bug? It really complicates using task modules if switch triggers cannot be synched to task modules without the trigger conditions being seen as already completed, when they have not.

By the way, I am seeing the switch trigger problem in editor for both SP and MP missions.

I think the switch trigger problem deserves its own ticket, if there isn't one already. Does anyone agree?

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