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Using deleteVehicle on a Object / Entity Causes a Crash To Desktop.
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When deleteVehicle is called on a body or other weapon holder related object, any clients that are currently looting the object in their inventory screen will receive a crash to desktop.

This will happen regardless if the user is taking items at the time that deleteVehicle is called, the user simply only needs to be in the inventory screen.


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Have you got a repro? I tried this with both local and remote WH objects and it only closes the inventory for me after deleting WH. I'm on DEV.

I had this happen when I was looting a backpack on a zombie and it despawned.

This immediately crashed my game and forced a re-spawn. My guess is due to the combat logging countermeasure.

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Had the same issue as Bamboozled.

Just a little note, the crash is specific to when simulation is disabled on the container being deleted.

I'm unable to reproduce this issue. Could you please provide a repro mission or simple repro steps? Thank you

Disable simulation on the object, open its inventory, and have a delayed script delete it while the inventory is still open.

The only reference I have is in Breaking Point, but these were the steps to recreate it for me;

  • Open the inventory of the object (a dead zombie's backpack in this case).
  • Have the zombie despawn or move out of range (I seem to remember the dead zombie falling through the floor of a tower while I was on the first floor).
  • Application should crash at this point.

That is about as precise as I can get, hope it helps.

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If it is only able to be reproduced on BP... is it not a BP problem?

I would imagine that object assets (a zombie model) falling through geometry (a military tower) would be an ARMA III problem, though you may have a point if this is not the case.

I also did not say that it cannot be reproduced in ARMA III, only that this was my frame of reference.

A game crash is usually global to Arma 3, unless it's extension-related, which is not the case with this issue.

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@Astaroth, it's fixed. Ticket can be closed.
I've checked this on our server with several players inside of inventory of dead soldier and me deleting it, using deleteVehicle cursorTarget and no crash for any of the players.
The inventory was simply closed for them.

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