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No Static Gunner Death Animation / Animation Too Fast
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Static gunners' death animation is too fast - so fast it looks as though there is no animation at all...


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I really think this is quite important - it's not that there's a bad animation - it's that it doesn't exist!

Lol - I checked this in-game today - it's shocking. AI just switches to dead position.

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There is an animation but it's way too fast.

to see it place this in the mgunners init.

null=this spawn {sleep 2;_this setdamage 1;setAccTime 0.1; sleep 0.6; setAccTime 1}

Ah - very interesting! Thanks F2K Sel!

Totally puts me off using static gunners in missions because of the animation being too fast - any chance for a quick fix BIS? It just needs slowing down! :)

Important issue, I hope, this should be fixed in the update marksman!

Also, i think this issue should be linked or related with following issue:
Simular problems...

Hello all,

just noticed this bug via DEV Branch discussion thread on forums. We will definitely look at what can be done with these.

Thank you for your feedback and have a very nice day!

Alleluia. burkhar please pay yours attention also on lack of proper death-animation for static gunner of SUV, static gunner and commander of attack boat, quadbike driver.

These problems are interrelated. Thanks in advance.