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Problem between mission Bingo Fuel and Return to Stratis
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In Bingo Fuel, we're supposed to steal a fuel truck.
When we got it, we have the choice: either give it to the FIA or to Miller for him to kill an enemy officer.

However, in another mission, when we're supposed to return to Stratis, the guy at the beginning drop us before the village cause he hasn't enough fuel.
Moreover, Falcon (Miller) tells us that there are enemys in the village, and they shouldn't be here if Miller's team managed to kill the officer.

It's fucked up, because if we delivered the fuel to Miller, then the officer they talk about is dead and they shouldn't be enemies in the village.
OR if we delivered the fuel to the FIA, then our driver SHOULD have enough fuel.

Even better, when Miller tells me there is a HVT somewhere around, if I decide to take him out myself (and succeed), he tells me that the HVT is dead.
Then, I can give the fuel truck to the FIA - and pass both objectives.
But in the later mission, (when we're supposed to return to Stratis), the enemies are still there - and Miller tells me we should have taken the officer out.

So, whatever we do in mission Bingo Fuel, it's look like nothing happened.

Can this be fixed quickly please?


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I'm getting it too.

On Bingo Fuel, Miller said he had killed the officer.

At the start of the mission in which you meet Miller at the boat, he is saying that there are patrols about, and if we hadn't messed up the enemy wouldn't be this organised (suggesting the officer wasn't killed).