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Bad French translation
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Hi BI dev.
There are a few bad French translations:

-in editor, in formation settings, "file" has been translated as "fichier".
in fact, "file" can also be translated as "file" in French - it has the same meaning (formation "file" in English is also formation "file" in French).

-in campaign Survive, mission "Blackfoot Down" has been literally translated as "La chute du pied noir" - which is bad (just like for the movie "BlackHawk Down" translated in "La chute du faucon noir" - which is a very bad translation).
the correct translation would be "Blackfoot à terre" or "Blackfoot abattu".
"Blackfoot" being a name, it shouldn't be translated and must be kept the same.

-in campaign Adapt, the Bingo Fuel overview text is still in english; it hasn't been translated into French.

-still in Adapt, the mission in which we have to meet Orestes: when Stavrou is doing is briefing, one of the sentence (when he says the meeting will happen near a farm) is not translated in French: the subtitle is still in english.
however, in the briefing screen (when we open the map), it's in French.
It just hasn't been translated in the dialog.

Can you correct it for the next update please?

Thanks for taking time to read this and fix it!


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Will be fixed, thanks.