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Campaign Adapt:"Exit Strategy" helo always spotted player
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Campaign Adapt:"Exit Strategy"
Helo always spotted player regard player is even under the concealment of forest & bushes , resulted in mission failed.

All addons disabled including CBA. {F23090}


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Campaign Episode 2: Adapt

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Are you sure, that helicopter didn't see somebody from your unit? I tried more times in Steam version and helicopter never saw me. Thank you for more info.

I also got this problem, very frustrating. Even with my team in the houses and my also in the houses, the helo spot us everytime!
PS: I had it on night, maybe it change something.

Do you use any mods?

I also have this problem. It occurs when I hide in the trees, hide in the houses, or even run as far as I can from the helicopter's line of sight. The helicopter appears to spot me whatever I do.

Where did you hide before chopper? Could you please attach screenshots? One screenshot from game and one with your position on map will be best. Thank you.

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I Confirm.

Maybe it has to do, with the smoke because it's the only thing I did exactly the same everytime. I even destroyed the lamps... I hide in the house, under a bush, in the grass, in the forest under a bush... And everytime the 2 guys where lying down, holding fire and stealth.

ceeeb added a comment.Jan 27 2014, 6:23 AM

I'm also having trouble being spotted every time (only tried at night time).
Attached screenshot "arma3 2014-01-27 15-32-22-95.png"

Player inside a metal shed near the windmills. Subordinate AI soldiers are hiding (hold fire, stealth, prone) in forest about 500m away. Helicopter landing zone marked with red circles and temporary waypoint.

Could it be due to choosing a bad a landing site? I have had the same trouble at the flat area a bit further to the west (marked 280) also.

Could you please upload savegame and .rpt file with this situation please? savegame is here: C:\Users\<username>\Documents\Arma 3\Saved\A3\Missions_F_EPB\Campaign\save.Arma3Save

.rpt file is here: C:\Users\<Name>\AppData\Local\Arma 3\

Thank you.

Okay, here is mine:
But I'm affraid it will not work for the save... I had an autoSave.Arma3Save instead and I try to delete it and replace it again to see if it was really in that file my saves were, but I after doing that, wasn't able to get my saves back again... But whatever, maybe you'll be able to do something with it.

Oh I found them here, it's probably what you were looking after:
It was in :
C:\Users\Name\Documents\Arma 3 - Other Profiles\Nickname\Saved\A3\Missions_F_EPB\Campaign\missions\B_m05.Altis
I made multiples saves along the mission and the event is happening a few seconds after the last update (or the one before...)

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I too have this problem. Hid in bushes and I was the only member of my squad left. The helicopter ALWAYS spots you.

Also tried going prone in small house with door closed. Helicopter spots you. I even blew up the truck I drove to the site with.

FYI for anyone with the same problem, one of the CSAT near the windmills has an AA launcher you can use to take out the helicopter even when it inevitably spots you.

Thank you for your savegame, I tried your savegame which is closely before helicopter arrive and all works fine. Helicopter landed and I touched off explosives and task was completed.

I will investigate more.

Ok, so there must be something with my game or I don't know what, because here the helo spotted me when I was in the forest... Strange, strange...

Could you please try verify integrity of game cache?
Thank you.

Done, everything was fine.

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After 3 saved game tests - the helo always has a habit of landing it's nose towards the south end.

So if you blow smoke north of you the helo will see you. Blow smoke south of you far enough AND your team is down in prone in stealth then he will not see you.

I got him to land on an explosive charge that I saved from one of the earlier missions and he was down.

I still have the issue. I have tried North Side, South Side, hiding in forest, hiding in houses, sprinting from the landing smoke as far as I can and I always get the same.

Link to my save:

Okay here's what you need to try - get all your squad to go into STEALTH mode.

For some reason if you don't do that your NPC players will have a bad habit of wanting to shoot at the helicopter even if you put them in prone.

So STEALTH and HOLD FIRE squad options.

I did this within less tahn 50 meters of the helo landing and didn't get detected this way on both saves.

My whole team was stealth and holding fire in most of my tests... Didn't work...

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Me too. I still have the issue.

As a workaround, one the enemy soldiers on patrol near the windmills is carrying an AA launcher, which can be used to shoot down the helicopter.