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Duping any items by right clicking and dragging at the same time /w repro
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There is a way to dupe any item in inventory menu by right clicking on the item and left click dragging it to the ground at the same time. Repro and video attached. {F23089}


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Start weapondupe_repro.Stratis with 2 players
  2. Player 2 (Client) opens Hatchback inventory (car is owned by the server)
  3. Player 2 (Client) puts their weapon into Hatchback inventory
  4. Player 2 (Client) right clicks on the weapon in vehicle inventory AND AT THE SAME TIME starts dragging it to "Ground" tab
  5. When you finish dragging you should have weapon in your inventory and on ground at the same time.
Additional Information

Repro video:

There are also derivatives of this dupe which require two players acting at once:

  1. Player 1 drags item on the ground AT THE SAME TIME as Player 2 right clicks on it to take it. Player 2 will get the item and it will appear on the ground.
  1. Two players right click on same item at the same time which gives them both this item.
  1. Two players look at container (say weaponholder with single weapon) and press "Take ..." at the same time.

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I'd say that this issue should be already fixed. Can anyone confirm my guess?

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Stable or dev? I'll test it.

I made some changes in code a some months ago, so I guess that it should be already fixed even in Stable version.

FYI: KK has found a repro how to dupe items through "fast clicking", but his repro is quite difficult and for certain reasons I won't describe it here(you can ask him anyway)

Some of these are fixed. There are still 2 dupes that let anyone dupe anything.

  1. Two players take same item at the same time: Player 1 right clicks on it to equip, Player 2 quickly drags it on to ground tab. Somewhat difficult but possible.
  1. Two players drop item on to ground at the same time. Much easier than previous method.

Video for both methods:

Tested on 1.18 stable.

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