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impact of setHit isn't the same on every unit/uniform
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Some units react different on setHit command than the most others. The problem isnt the unit self as more the uniform.

All units with "U_B_CombatUniform_mcam_tshirt" have a strange and different damage handling compared to the others. So it look like the problem is the uniform as the unit or some other thing.


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Health System
Steps To Reproduce

1 - Place three units in editor (a player, a auto rifleman (B_soldier_AR_F) and a rifleman (B_Soldier_F)
2 - start the preview and open the debug console
3 - look at the rifleman and execute the following code:
cursorTarget setHit ["hands",1]; --> normal hit handling...
4 - redo step 3 with the auto rifleman --> he die

Additional Information

Try the same experiment with the same unit but switch the uniforms.
Everytime the unit with "U_B_CombatUniform_mcam_tshirt" will die. I think its not the only problem in the damage handling but i cant find a reproducable way to show other problems by using the handleDamage EH.

I think that is a config problem in the uniform.

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No problem here on DEV branch. Can you attach a mission?

No, only 3 units on map from given class.
If their isnt a problem on dev branch we can wait for the path next week and see what happened.

Problem should be fixed in actual stable version too.
Please close the ticket.

1.43.xxxxx - no longer reproducable! pls close the ticket.