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Player Radio Voice
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It'd be great if we could have a command that would allow the disabling of the player's command voice on the radio - when creating custom voices for a mission, the radio voice ruins immersion as it is not the same as the newly recorded custom voice.


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Yeah - it's a real pain having two voices for one character. Kind of makes all the hassle of doing voice acting a little lame...

It's ok for BIS characters, as the speaker can be set (for instance 'Kerry'). But when creating a new character, the community cannot wipe the radio voice, so effectively, a player has two voices - one custom, the other default. Just need a quick command to disable the radio voice.

Even better - an option to record voice for radio commands!

That'd be an amazing feature, but as it stands, it'd be nice just to disable the player's radio voice so it doesn't clash with a recorded voice used in KB tell conversations. If anybody knows of a way to suppress it (without effecting KB conversations), then please say and I'll close this thread.

The real culprits are options 2 and 3 on the radio command. Place a unit on the map with a radio and you will always be able to select these two commands and hear a voice that inherently conflicts with whatever voice you are trying to create for the player...

Yeah but in mission where you command a group? All radio commands need to be able to be silenced.

The 'ready to fire' and 'cannot fire' dialogue options should probably be removed when a unit is not part of a group - I mean, who are they meant to be talking to?

I'd like to be able to disable the radio voice too. It does break immersion.

About the only thing useful with the voices, is when the voice calls out enemy detected and their direction and approximate distance. Everything else is just seems like useless chatter, including when the person is a group leader.

Certainly a little command to make this go away would be great.

I wanna get rid of this so bad I could cry. Is there a way to silence radio commands? RadioCommands false or something? I hope this gets implemented...

Go into Config > Audio and turn down Radio commands.

Optionally if you also think the helicopter effects are too loud and need to give preference for VON, helicopter effects is under Effects. I'm always also turning down effects to around 5%, but need to routinely increase Effects as you won't hear ricocheted rounds. Hearing radio commands is good for detecting enemy, so I turn Radio commands down only so far as that I can still hear them.

Hi Rogerx, yeah - I think the main issue is removing the voice for custom missions, where the default radio command voice clashes with any custom voice which is trying to be created. Turning down the command voice only resolves the problem for the creator of the mission.

Scott_Ripley: I may have misinterpreted DogBo's previous comment. :-/

I just kinda wanna get rid of the double voice thing when adding custom voices. Having AI voice for commands when you've roped someone into do some voice acting is well annoying. Love to get rid of it.

Does anyone know of a mod that can do something about this?

Trouble is Armadillo, I don't really feel it ought to need a mod to fix it. And regarding your question, I'm not sure there is... (check out Armaholic, though, I might be mistaken!)

Amen to that, mate.

It would be nice to see something implemented here. As said above, shouldn't need a mod to sort this and it should be simple to fix?

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Upvoted. I ran into the same issue. It's a bit of a design incompatibility in regards to profiles and mission setups but I'm sure a solution can be found.

I heard of a program that works so that you can command the radio commands with your voice, forgot the name of the program, and there are options to disable the AI voice, wich also helps making things faster

Be cool to find a program that works, but if were going to consider submitting anything for the 'Make Arma Not War' competition, we wouldn't be able to use a mod, so... let's hope BIS offer a solution, I guess.

what does this has to do with make arma not war?

I guess what Armadillo means is: if we want to submit a campaign for the singleplayer section, we can't use a mod to fix the problem, thus, we need it fixed in-game?

and campaign, single player, and make arma not war has to do with this ticket because.......

because entries would be less than perfect with this issue? I assume? Dunno mate :)

i still fail to link this request to those things i have mentioned before

Thanks BIS! Yay - no radio voice when you don't have any squad mates! Be great to get the option to disable radio voice when you do have squad mates as well. But for SP purposes, it is very helpful! Cheers!

The radio voice is back again in the Dev. build! If there's no squad mates, can we please disable the ability to talk? Even better, an option to disable radio speech - as it clashes with custom recorded voices and ruins immersion.

The main reason i deactivated them with the ACE mod was just because the radio protocol was making everything slower. AI took more time to react and the whole gameplay feel worse

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To remove the radio voices -
• Go into your inventory and remove the "Radio" item.

You won't be able to hear other players or scripted dialogues.

rogerx added a comment.Mar 8 2014, 6:42 AM

Girls usually do this, then one of their girlfriends exclaim, "Why throw out the baby with the bath water?" (Sorry, I couldn't resist this one. ;-)

Anyways, a good work around, but I don't think most would enjoy not having a radio. Good programming is evident when the program is written from the ground-up, accounting for almost all possible situations which could be encountered.

It's why I still enjoy using a command line console versus graphical click and play environments! Should be a global variable within the game scenery file enabling or disabling radio scripted dialogs. (ie. RadioScriptedDialogs="NoMeansNo" )

With the above being said, I'm also split on the decision to completely omit the radio scripted speech as well, because scripted alerts aide situational awareness to the lacking detail of looking through a two foot by one foot window. (I'm referencing a window, for a computer monitor or computer display.)

So at times when walking within the 3D game environment, it tends to be really nice to hear my unit call-out an enemy's location for which is only the size of a pin head or smaller on my computer monitor!

The best solution for me here, is reducing the Radio Scripted voices to where I can still hear them, while having Radio VON volume is significantly louder. (Currently, Radio Scripted voices is at the same volume as Radio VON, and tends to be confusing to the brain, as we ourselves are not initiating the voice, but the game is simulating our person, leading to confusion.)

As far as the Radio Scripted voices causing lag, think they should look at properly optimizing the programming or scripting.

Hi all - I think some are not quite understanding what I mean regarding the general thrust of this ticket. Removing the radio is not an option! I want to disable the pre-recorded, AI radio voice because it conflicts with recorded voices made by the mission-maker. For instance, say you take the time and effort to implement a voice for a character by getting a voice actor to record some dialogue. It all sounds well and good right? You get some nice banter between the player's character and his comrades. But then, when you give an order from the radio menu, your character will speak in a voice that is not his own - or, in other words, will speak in the pre-recorded voice. Thus, a command to silence radio speech is much needed, as it would enable mission-makers the freedom to fully create their own characters!

FYI: I think the Anzu's War Games server has successfully cut or removed the scripted voices, and only scripted text is currently shown.

Hi rogerx, thanks for that. Do you know if it's using a mod?

Nope, and I know none of the details of this server's internal (map) modifications.

Probably going to have to log in really quick to their main server and download & examine (or grep) the files. Likely there's some SQF scripting for each of the players incorporated into the map scenario, sending all scripted voices to /dev/null. Probably should be a server side setting, and maybe something already internally incorporated into the stable version for all I know.

Like I said, I still see such scripted text as "Reloading..." or "Regroup" scrolling. Other then this, it is ominously quiet now, even though I initially already had the Voice Scripted chat audio minimized. It's nice, but now I (nor anybody else) can see any of the enemy until it's too late.

Like I stated previously, the Scripted Voice was actually a wonderful crutch for having to squint through a two foot by one foot window. The human eye I obviously cannot immediately see enemy more than the 3D simulated 50 feet away without using magnification as within the 3D world the object is basically a pin-point at this 3D simulated distance. Of course, most admins are seemingly completely blind to this as they're young and the game looks more cool without the voices.

I think simply minimizing the scripted voices to a minimal volume, and reducing the unnecessary scripted voices to an absolute minimum. For example, such voice chat as "Regroup" or "Reloading" is really unnecessary, and I only found "Enemy (or tank) at 3:00 o'clock (or bearing)" useful.

Granted, the above is slightly off-topic from the main bug description, but figured I'd leave no stone unturned as the information is relevant.

Thanks again for that Rogerx - let me know if you uncover an .sqf that would enable a workaround. That'd be awesome! I'll have a look too, when I get a moment.

Real simple little command would be great!

There's still no way to turn off the player's radio voice. enableSentences doesn't work. DisableConversations doesn't work. It's so sad to have put so much time and effort into hiring professional voice actors, only to have a radio voice break immersion. Maybe something along the lines of: enableRadioVoice true/false.

What about

unit setSpeaker "NoVoice";

Thanks Killzone, will try that now :)