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MBT-52 Kuma retexture issue with spawned vehicle
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The different variants of the Kuma seem to be causing issues with the hiddentexture.

One variant works fine and the other doesn't.

I've uploaded three images, one without the texture mod and 2 with. You can see clearly that one variant of the tank works and the other doesn't apply the texture.

Please can someone look into this.

Many thanks! {F23026} {F23027} {F23028}


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I stumbled against the same issue.

As far as I know the Kuma has no working hidden selections at all yet. I tried to reskin the tank but the new texture could not be applied with setobjecttexture or setobjecttextureglobal.

Hidden selections of the Kuma work only trough setting them via configs atm.

zGuba added a comment.Feb 1 2014, 11:58 PM

Should be working

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Note that I added hidden selections. The "issue" with plates present in only some vehicles is a feature, not bug.

Mass-close of resolved tickets not updated in last two weeks.

Reopened, problem reappeared.

The plate back skirt variant of MBT-52 Kuma hidden selections work on LOD > 0 but on LOD0 it seems like it`s not working. See image below to see what I mean.

So it looks like that selection camo2 is wrong on LOD0 and needs to be redefined.
Altough I can`t be sure of the LOD number.

This is on stable.


it has been fixed again and should appear on Steam Dev within few days.

Thank you.

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