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Cannot Manual Fire in the Mi-48
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When trying to fly the Mi-48 and use manual fire I can fire of about 2 rounds before the gun "freezes" and I have to wait a few seconds (about 5-10) before firing again. This only happens when connecting to the multiplayer server not when previewing it in the editor.

This is a custom map that I have made that is supposed to be 7v7 chopper battle. you can connect to the server and try it out at: {F23014}


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This seems to be an issue with some choppers when they are not local to the player (there may be other necessary conditions, but I only see the bug on non-local choppers)

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I have this issue too

Helo guys,

we have reproduced this issue and our programming guys will look into it.

Thank you.

I have noticed this as well, but with a mod. the hosting player would have major issues with the camera snapping around and not following the cursor movement. It was a mod, but the problem comes with the non-local player chopper issues.

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I observed no camera issues related to this particular issue
@the_Demongod you may want to open a separate ticket to track your issue.

@k0rd oh my apologies, I was only adding a point to this issues between client/host in helicopter and such. I wasn't really reporting my issue.

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can this be linked to the multiplayer issues ticket? (15987)