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VBS3 snow in ARMA 3
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I wouldn't had even thought it realistically possible if I hadn't seen the video. Could we please have similar snow FX for ARMA3? This would vastly improve the game for players, map makers and mission creators. And probably wouldn't hurt sales either.

"This video highlights the new procedural snow technology in VBS3. Snow layers are defined using rulesets and rendered at run-time. Snow has depth and affects the simulation of units and vehicles. New fog and snow fall effects are included."


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And like many similar topics in the past this one too may eventually find a solution from the hard work of the community. But until then...

This can be modded in. Wouldn't it be better to try to mod this in a then create tickets for the show stoppers if there are any that you can't get around?

Honestly I'm skeptical about modding it in. All I've seen is a screenshot and hints that someone is working on it. Not to discourage anyone from trying! On the other hand we know *someone* has already pulled it off.

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FFS, ProGamer, just close this ticket.

lol why close the ticked? :-z
ARMA has a full year cycle so plain old common sense would say have snow built into the weather system.
makes perfect sense to me. :-)
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AD2001 added a comment.Jan 3 2014, 6:40 PM

Because it's already possible. Did you even read the comments here?

lol you clearly didn't read the comment that you're replying to :-z
I just said "built into the weather system." just like the rain :-)


The VBS3 snow isn't built into the weather system. It's scripted and it's only available for certain versions of the game (the Swedish version, I believe).


I know it's not...
I'm suggesting that it should be built into the ARMA 3 weather system so that it occurs naturally like the rain.

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Right now we are limited to an Arid / Temperate landscapes. As a Canadian, i would love to partake in military operations in a snowy environment.. Adding snow would also allow mission editors to script in a cold system where soldiers can reduce their abilities and health due to attrition related to the cold and snowy terrain.

If you want snow, why not buy VBS 3 then?

mp5gosu because only army can buy it?

vbs is a very advanced military simulator that is used by the real military and it costs several 1000 dollars. and arma 3 is a military simulator made for normal people and costs 60$. just to clear it up for you guys, and thats also maybe why not all of the futures in vbs is in arma 3.

For clarification and due to lack of highlighting by the chap who made the proof of concept (used the addon ) whomever he is

The addon used in the ops link is my own and a chap called spooners , I continue to develop it thru a2 and a3 myself  its on armaholic and called dbo tile 
Its possible in theory to use but unfotunately due to physx implentaion vehicles will not interact any longer with them so its only a visual possibility to that extent

For man however it will work as is , if vehicles ever go back to drive on roadway lod and not physx I will gladly review worthiness

Until then I advise for a snowy altis set the rvmat with a negative force diffuse and make a replacement hexedit like good ole days but only for personal use as bis no longer alliw hex edit and release for public