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Maxwell has black screen, unable to continue to Tipping Point Mission
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Everytime I load into the mission I get a black screen. I can hear the rain and see 2 hours later message then nothing. I have tried for 2 hours to do the Space trick from another post and have gotten full control of my toon, but am unable to proceed to the next mission. Also no matter what I do I am unable to use the Strategic Map at all, even though I can do everything else and use my main map.
This is the help from the other post:

Windows 7 Pro 64-bit
GTX 560 Ti - Driver 314.22
Arma3 version 1.08.113494 (Steam)

After the Two Hours Later my FPS is constant at 15.

If you spam space bar right after the loading screen you get control of your character, but you cannot open inventory with I or reload with R.
If you kill one of the AI (mission does not end) you can then open their inventory with scroll menu.
You can switch semi/auto/GL with F.
Using the underslung grenade launcher you can reload smoke/HE via the scroll menu.
The Strategic Map scroll menu item is available as it should be, but does nothing.
Pressing ESC brings up the pause menu. Clicking Configure does nothing. The Audio/Video/etc submenu does not appear.

If I save & abort, then try to resume that save, the (top) loading progress bar gets stuck at around 80%.

Hit space bar once while the Two Hours Later title is on screen:
Letterbox view. Can look around. Scripted movement following James. No dialogue.

Hit space bar once before the Two Hours Later title is shown:
As above but with James's dialogue.
At end of dialogue letterbox view remains. WSAD do nothing.
Press space and regain movement control but letterbox remains. As above, can not reload but this time the scroll menu is not available.

To progress to next mission:
Tap space once before Two Hours Later appears. When you see the AI infront of you, tap space once again.
You now have full control. To test, fire a shot then hit R. If you reload, it worked, if not, restart and try again.
The date, time and location appear in the bottom right but really slowly. FPS is around 23.
Proceed to Strategic Map and the Tipping Point mission is available.

Upon selecting to start Tipping Point the screen goes black and stays black. I hit space a few times. Alt-tabbed to add to this note, then when I alt-tabbed back it was loading the Tipping Point mission.

This is the first Arma game that I have ever played and am enjoying the single player very much. But this is quickly becoming a game killer for me. Any new advice would be great. {F22993}


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It does it on it's own.

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I have the same.

Hi there. The problem is the issue is actually very hard to reproduce. Our QA is currently looking into it.

Same thing, tried tapping space bar to get through a little, still got stuck with "tipping point"

I'm having the same problem too

Same issue here. I tried to save a game after using the space trick and then re-loading. The game hangs when I attempt to load from that save.

Apparently fixed :D :D :D I managed to get through it with the latest stable update!

@papy.rabbit.08: Which version of ArmA?

Today's stable. Hope it will work for you too. Had to delete my saves of course.

Same issue here.

The only way I got through this is hitting space before the 2hs later appears and then look DOWN until the animation stops and the new task begins
Let me know if that worked well for you guys

Cannot reproduce the issue under 1.50.