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Disconnecting audio device breaks the game
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If I unplug my usb headset while in the game

  1. The sound is gone forever until the game is restarted. Simply pluging headset back doesn't do anything.
  1. If I have AI driver in my tank, there is suddenly 10 or more seconds delay between me giving orders and the message appearing in radio channel and AI reacting to it. So if I press go forward it might take 10 or more seconds before the tank moves.

This is very strange and points to some serious game engine problem.


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Windows 7

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"soundplayed" Event handler also breaks. It executes 1 time and then breaks if audio output device has been unplugged, usb headset in my case.

Also, screen goes black when an HDMI resource is disconnected from the computer. This issue I just stated, seems to be a O/S related bug as I do not see it present within Linux, or an HDMI implementation related bug.

On Windows, I've disabled all drivers related to HDMI, HDMI display, NVIDIA HDMI Audio, etc. It helps, but does not solve the issue.

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seconds thing should be related with custom scripts
test it in editor without anything else running (should solve your issue there)

the first part is more or less expected behaviour as the AudioDevice gets removed and windows removes the logical device for it too
pluging it in again wont work as ArmA will still work with the old, non existing device
the only way to fix this would be to check if the device is still available and take a new one after OR to allow the device change in options

test it in editor without anything else running (should solve your issue there)

Appreciate your input but this solves nothing.

Suggested fix: Add the option to configure the audio output device.
It happens to me when my Foobar2000 take exclusive control over the audio device, the game is broken after I stopped using it.

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