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Parameters associated with custom face profile result in purple character skin
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Utilizing a custom face in a user profile results in the characters skin being purple. This purple skin is defined in configfile>>"cfgfaces">>"ManA3">>"Custom".

For other face configs, the parameter textureHL points to a .paa texture. In the Custom face config, it points to setobjecttexture [0,"#(argb,8,8,3)color(0.5,0.5,1,1)"] resulting in purple skin.

Recommend this parameter be updated to an appropriate .paa texture in lieu of a color.

Ideally, this parameter could be defined by the user in the players profile allowing for custom skin, in addition to custom faces. {F22985} {F22986}


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Place face.jpg or face.paa in User's profile folder in Windows. Start A3, go to profile, select "edit", and select "custom face" in the face pull down box. Now load play any map and observe the user's purple skin.

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There is another post re this problem. The use of default arms & leg textures would be a simple solution.

Still present in version 1.10.

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"Arma 3 Modding Characters"

Instructions on 3D modeling, more likely compared to my own chicken scratch notes here at home, likely requiring clarifying instructions for new 3D modelers. Instructions also instruct using only BIS's tools, omitting any tool explanations for The Gimp or The Blender.

"ARMA FAQ: 6.1 Custom Faces"
Very basic information on the face.jpg/face.paa file.

Armaholic FAQ: How do I use/make custom faces?
Contains much better instructions.


Basically, you're creating a face.jpg or face.paa file within:
"My\ Documents/USERNAME/ARMA\ 3/face.jpg". For ARMA 3, the face is located at specific coordinates designated as "XXX" below.


Basically, the approximate face texture coordinates is 1/2 the size of an original appropriately sized image (ie. 512x512) and resized to about 1/2 the size of the original image and then moved-up to about 1/3 from the top of the image, centered by width size as denoted above. Eyes, legs, arms, etc all have other coordinate texture locations within the 512x512 (or other appropriate sized) image. Seems the Wipman Reference Templates utilized many layers.


  1. Grab an image and rescale to 512x512 (or other appropriate size) by doing "Image > Scale".
  2. "Transform > Tools > Scale" or "Shift T" to scale the specific image 50% smaller within the original image to 256x256. (I know, confusing but this is a different type of rescaling.) You'll still have a 512x512 main image size denoted by the main image checkered background, but your specific image will be in-laid.
  3. Move the image using "Transform > Tools > Move" or "M" so that the smaller image is centered horizontally and about 1/3 from the top of the main image, as denoted above.
  4. File > Export to JPEG, or TGA (with possibly RLE Compression deactivated for BIS tools ImageToPAA compatibility)
  5. Place the face.jpg into the proper folder and use it by going into the Configure > Profile menu.
  6. For using the TGA file and converting to BIS PAA image file format, use ARMA 3 Tools ImageToPAA, a command line utility. (ie. Executing via console, "ImageToPAA.exe face.tga" will provide a file named "face.paa")
  7. Finally, click File > "Save As" to save all your undo levels using Gimp's specific XCF file format.


Wipman's Reference (face.jpg) Templates using Adobe Photoshop files, compatible with The Gimp:


I personally think in an effort to simplify these face.jpg files, each image file should contain only one body part, within a subfolder, or for example "My\ Documents/USERNAME/ARMA\ 3/Profile/leg.jpg". (ie. face.jpg, arms.jpg, legs.jpg, eye.jpg, ...) Cramming everything into one file, without explaining the coordinates of each body part within a face.jpg, is overly complicated.

As previously mentioned, the previously mentioned instructions are unique and only pertain to BIS tools, and nothing about using The Gimp and Blender, etc.

Another bug; in order for the ARMA 3 Game to recognize a new or changed (face.jpg) image file (ie. "My\ Documents/USERNAME/ARMA\ 3/face.jpg", the user needs to exit and restart the game for the game to recognize the newly changed face.jpg. You also need to manually designate your profile to use this custom file.jpg by going into the "Configure > Profile > Edit > Face > Custom Face". (A new face.jpg file will be recognized without restart, but a modified face.jpg will not be updated until the game is restarted.)

The "READY TO USE TEMPLATES" mentioned above are for ArmA2 only & wont work in ArmA3

Still present in version 1.14

I don't mind this purple effect, as it sort of protests the zealous game servers not allowing the (simple) low resource and small file sizes of the custom "face.jpg" and "Sounds/" folder feature of ARMA 3! ;-)

What harm is there in having a game server to allow such custom files, aside from a few weirdly designed GL people and some making farting noises?

Matter of fact, I think 1 in 100 (or even 1 in 1,000) people/players only know how to provide a custom "./face.jpg"; or 5 in 100 (or 5 in 1,000) for the "./Sounds/" folder!

As such, I say leave the purple effect in! (I changed my vote, and think you will too! ;-)

I think players should be allowed to customize their profiles a little more then just their nicknames alone, no matter how much of an idiot it makes them look. ;-)

Rogerx, on my server, it took me a while to find the server configuration parameter that allows custom face files. The default allowed size is 0kb. I suspect most people don't know how to change the default value.

OH. Then it's my incorrect assumption! (I love it when I'm proven wrong. ;-)

Maybe this bug needs to also consider changing the default face.jpg and Sounds/ file/folder sizes?

How about a new ticket suggesting the default be set to something reasonable like 100kb for faces? I'm less familiar with the custom sounds interface.

still present...grumble...

Looks fine to me! ;-)

Still present in version 1.32.

Will they ever fix this ? I mean, it's such a great and simple thing to add immersion and doesn't seem that difficult to resolve...why BI doesn't explain how to do it ?

In my opinion, there are more important features to worry about than people intentionally feeling purple.

This appears to be fixed in version 1.38. Can anyone else confirm?

If I'm not mistaken, I'm no longer purple within version 1.38. :-(

But at least I don't look like the other ugly guys... within the game anyways. ;-)