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Creating the FIRST AI by script freezes the game for some time.
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I'm working in a mission creating units randomly using TINY scripts but I notice that every time I create the first AI the game suffers a HUGE PERFORMANCE HIT. My powerful computer freezes for about 3-5 seconds. My colleague Pc, not powerful, freeze for more than 10 seconds when it creates the first AI.

I did try all the possible options to create a unit: old version, array version and the function version. ALWAYS I have a big drop on performance when I create the first AI unit even creating a center by script or placing a unit of the same side on the editor.

  • SOMETIMES THERE IS NO PERFORMANCE HIT IF YOU ALREADY PLAY THE GAME ONCE * To notice it you must restart the game an then you will experience this bug.

By the way this issue can be behind the small number of AI units that Arma 3 can handle. In Arma 2 I did not have any issues creating a lot of AI units with same commands.

Thanks for your time {F22983}


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Move forward and use the 0-0-0 trigger to run the script.
  1. You will experience a huge game freeze and it will recover itself after a few seconds.
Additional Information

By the way I did a test using the minimal code:

_Spawn_Team = CreateGroup East;
_Spawn_Team createUnit ["O_Soldier_F", [0,0], [], 3, "NONE"];

with 500m view distance and it has the same problem.

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The issue is the use of:

Position ([0,0,0] NearestObject 457070)

remove that line from the radio trigger and a vast majority of the freeze is gone.
the way nearestObject is setup, when you use ^ that ^ format, the search range becomes unlimited, and its starting that huge search from the middle of the ocean

only the stutter left is from loading in a new object that wasn't originally included in the mission on load (any large or complex object does this, not just AI units)

See cancerouspete's post. I observe 2-3% fps drop, which is normal and we are not able to fix it. Are you able to reproduce this issue without that nearestObject line? Thanks
I would recommend to use some other way. Using of unlimited (457km) radius in nearestObject command is not very good for smooth fps.

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