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Beeping is extraordinarily, non existent in real life.
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Military deployable explosives on the battlefield do not beep so loud as an entire town can hear one being deployed. Much less, beep what sos ever, so the man standing next to the tank, of which you just placed a charge next to, can turn around and either ask you what your doing, or put a bullet between your eyes.


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AD2001 added a subscriber: AD2001.May 7 2016, 5:40 PM

Do people actually run up to tanks and place charges next to them in real life?

gutsnav added a subscriber: gutsnav.May 7 2016, 5:40 PM

Only if they have no AT (guerilla fighters), but this is extremely rare. You usually won't be able to pull this off without blowing yourself up (unless you want to, which is really dumb). But still, the beeping should not be louder than a cell phone or watch alarm.

I don't think the beeping should exist at all.

Beeping needs to go, period. Yes, special forces do risky things like placing charges really close to enemy presence. It's not going to beep, because well, that should be obvious.

rogerx added a subscriber: rogerx.May 7 2016, 5:40 PM
rogerx added a comment.Jan 1 2014, 6:08 AM

I think the extraordinary loud beeping is used only as a signal for others within multi-player, that some other (person) has possibly planted an explosive or satchel nearby.

Anybody playing within multi-player and whom haven't encountered this, should realize this is likely the only fair solution besides disabling explosives to all beginners, or to all others except for a few select few. Also notice, the red triangle visible to everybody is also unrealistic. But again, it serves to state an explosive device has been planted for those that do not have a microphone, or for alerting of possible trouble makers within the multi-player server.

I think the solution implemented is well thought out and is also very effective for quenching any trouble. So effective, that a trouble maker them self would need to file a bug report in order to try to get around it.

Rogerx, actually it is quite annoying when you are trying to do a little combat engineering in a PVP mission. Say for example there's a crap load of enemy infantry in a bunker tower. Alpha One and Two keeps them suppressed and throws smoke and the like. Alpha Three flanks left through the trees and sneaks up on the tower. They plant a few satchels at the base, but because of the insanely loud beeping noise the enemy knows that they are going to get blown to kibbles if those satchels go off. So they just run out of their bunker, shoot the engineer and his fire team, and disable the explosives. This isn't the only scenario where this is annoying, but it's just an example.

So your saying in real life, they have beeping sounds in new SEAL teams groups so they all know when someone is planting a bomb... Ok look, i get where your coming from, but that is why there are kick and ban options in "Multiplayer", just for hacking or any other annoyance you'd find unacceptable. But this is in General, and not every server has 12 years olds that don't know how to use a satchiel, or hell, any other explosive. But the Beeping must go. As Gutsnav stated, clear example. Another was when i was watching two enemies in wasteland, and to mess with them, i placed down a satchiel. Guess what happened. They both INSTANTLY looked my way, and started running, in an attempt to kill me before i got safe enough distance away to set it off. Its game breaking. But since theres no beeping sound in real life, there should not be in game. As for the red triangles, i'm pretty sure in real life, radio protocol, someones gonna mark a placed mine on map, and someone will make sure no one walks over it. Besides, i do believe BIS already disabled friendly fire one mines.(Which i think is dumb, because in real life, if you step on a mine whether a friendly placed it or not... your dead.)

AD2001 added a comment.Jan 2 2014, 5:07 PM

"i do believe BIS already disabled friendly fire one mines"


rogerx added a comment.Jan 3 2014, 1:01 AM

gutsnav: LOL. This sounds like politics in general. Good point though. I was not aware the enemy could also hear the beeping. As with the red triangle, assumed the beeping was only heard by friendlies. Likely an option needs to be integrated, so server administrators can disable or enable this, and further fix the beeping to be only heard by friendlies.

Sure sounds like a broken feature. Should also mention, many times people have inadvertently placed an explosive when using the middle mouse button menu. And the beep sound does alert people nearby that the accident prone player may now also inadvertently now press the detonate button, and the beeping gives other players a chance to go for cover. This beeping has saved mine and others' lives within the game many times, but guess it is broken as the enemy should not also be able to hear.

Goose added a subscriber: Goose.May 7 2016, 5:40 PM
Goose added a comment.Jan 3 2014, 6:51 AM

The beeping has probably been put there for game balancing, at the expense of realism. Why would anyone make a bomb that emits loud beeping sounds? That belongs in Battlefield 4 and not ArmA 3.

I don't like it and it should be removed.

The Red Triangle, is good enough, for "Balancing", but the beeping has to go. If a friendly is dumb enough to step on a marked mine than, well, they kinda deserve to die for it.

Except there's not red triangle on higher difficulties.

FrankHH added a subscriber: FrankHH.May 7 2016, 5:40 PM

That doesn't justify the beeping.

The beeping is needed for immediate notification some (dumb) player has placed an explosive device.

The triangle is usually only seen after a minute or more activity, and doesn't suffice by itself as an immediate indicator.

What I do agree with this Feature/Issue/Bug request:

  1. I agree the enemy should not be able hear the beeping (or triangle visual indicators) as it's obviously a game balancing feature.
  1. And, there should be options for customizing whether the red triangle or beeping while placing explosives are seen or heard.

(Further, I think they're primarily focused on bugs now, and appear done with implementing game features for the time being.)

(Took a little time and think I can help rephrasing the topic and description. I made some grammar modifications/corrections and replaced some words to make the issue more clear and understandable.)

Beeping is Too Loud & Non-existent in Real Life.

Military deployable explosives on the battlefield do not beep so loud as an entire town can hear one being deployed. More so, they rarely beep at all. As a result of the current beeping sound effect; The man standing next to the tank of which you just placed a charge next to, can turn around and either ask you what your doing, or put a bullet between the player's eyes.

Harzach added a subscriber: Harzach.May 7 2016, 5:40 PM

I think the real issue is the terrible localization of this and other sounds. Hearing someone place an explosive or reload their rifle from 500 meters (or more) away is just terrible. As this issue has carried over from Arma 2, I don't expect it to be fixed, but ... it really needs to be fixed.

pops added a subscriber: pops.May 7 2016, 5:40 PM
pops added a comment.Jan 29 2014, 8:57 PM

Related to issue #8938

Edited, since rogerx very eloquently pointed out that this ticket addresses a different issue. ;)

The duplicate "pops" referenced is particular to Harzach's recent post speculating this bug is similar to the older bugs, and not to for this particular bug. These appear as misconceptions.

Again from my perception, the bug described within, is for any beeping occurring with explosive devices overall. As the person authoring this bug, explosive devices do not usually beep at all.

This bug probably needs further clarification to ensure it remains distinctive from Bug #8938 "Reloading weapons / placing explosives is audible far away from source".

Arkhir added a subscriber: Arkhir.May 7 2016, 5:40 PM

I'm going to have to bump this one, as I don't want to put a duplicate ticket on the subject.

Why wasn't it fixed with the lovely sound update we got with Marksmen? Explosive charge sounds is kinda ridiculous and spoils many stealthy demolition ops in pvp.

Arkhir: I wouldn't file a duplicate, but take the time to file a bug stating this bug is not assigned to anybody. If I'm not mistaken; if a bug (ie. on Bugzilla) is unassigned to anybody, the bug will be completely ignored. There are likely many unassigned bugs, as Bohemia sounds as if they're probably constantly moving around resources or people. It also maybe desired to mark a bug unassigned, as they may have no plans on resolving the bug at all.

Just make sure you post a comment back here containing the bug number and description to inform others monitoring this bug here.

On the flip, they could be leaving the bug unassigned as they do not want to close due to the internal decision of not having any interest in fixing the bug. Once a bug is closed, the bug typically is difficult to search for by others. So leaving unassigned might be a lesser evil action, and keeps the bug easily found by others instead of filing many more duplicates!