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UGV Stomper "BackFromUAV" action not working from driver
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im using an action to delete vehicle's, when I used the same actions I've been using for UAV's on the UGV Stomper it does not do BackFromUAV action unless you are in the Turret! {F22943}


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UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle)
Steps To Reproduce
  1. Get the UGV Stomper
  2. Try to use the action
  3. Observe how it does nothing in the driver's seat.
Additional Information

here is the line that im using.
this addaction ["<t color='#680006'>Delete me!</t>", "(_this select 0) action ['BackFromUAV', (_this select 1)]; sleep 1; [deleteVehicle (_this select 0)]", [], 0, true, true];

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BackFromUAV is probably what you're looking for.

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thanks that works! but now I have an issue, that command will not work when you are the driver of the UGV Stomper! It works fine from the turret though

I've fixed an error in your code

this addaction ["<t color='#680006'>Delete me!</t>", "(_this select 0) action ['BackFromUAV', (_this select 1)]; deleteVehicle (_this select 0)", [], 0, true, true];

this works ^^^ though probably not the best way to go about it

i see what you mean, but that still doesnt fix the backfromuav command using it when in the driver of the vehicle of the UGV!!.

I dont understand what you mean. It works for me from any seat

The code mentioned in the Additional Information field should work now. You are automatically kicked out of the direct control when a vehicle is deleted.

But action "BackFromUAV" is still not working for UGV driver position. We will look at it.

@DarkDruid just tested "BackFromUAV" action on stomper driver and it works for me, could you please paste how you test it?

Killzone Kid: Sure :)

  1. Open new empty mission
  2. Insert player as a BLUFOR UAV Operator
  3. Insert a BLUFOR UGV Stomper RCWS
  4. Start the mission
  5. Open UAV Terminal via action menu
  6. Connect to UGV by right click on its icon and selecting of connect item
  7. Use "Control Driver" button in the Terminal
  8. Press ESC and insert into execute field in the console: (getConnectedUav player) action ["BackFromUAV",player];
  9. Observe that nothing happens

Thanks I will test is later on and report back

The problem is with UGV Stomper RCWS (B_UGV_01_rcws_F). For some reason it fails on this model, but it works with another Stomper (B_UGV_01_F). I think it is config problem not command.

Thanks for investigation :)

Should be fixed in current dev branch version. Could you please confirm if it is working? Thanks!

It's fixed! Thank you

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