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Server crash and poor performance
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Server crashes when about 20mins into the game. Twice so far.
Also very poor performance (see


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Difficult to reproduce, because it takes about 20-30mins into the mission to happen, there are no suspicious messages neither in the server logfile nor in the client .rpt file. But it happenend twice in a row.

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I have a core dump available (250MB), let me know where to drop it.

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How did you get your mission to load I have it on Linux CentOS 6.5 and I can't even get my linux to load up at all.

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All the servers are running really horrid today with very poor frame rates and network lag. Hop back into single player mode and everything is fine. I'm thinking with all the players, the server backbones are likely stretched beyond their rated network bandwidth. (Kids need to be back in school and doing something productive with their lives, besides wasting it playing games.)

2014.01.07: Ah! Good thing I subscribed to this as I realized shortly after posting this I found I had reverted Power Saving within the Windows O/S to use power saving instead of a performance related profile. The Power Saving feature enforces the network card to use power saving measures, which created frame rate issues only within Multiplayer games. (Odd, but true!) Once I set the Power Saving to use a Maximum Performance option, the frame rate lag issues within Multiplayer games amazingly ceased to exist.

DaOarge: you can use for example to upload the core dump.

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