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Enemy Diver AI throwing Grenades underwater
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Enemy AI Divers throwing Grenades underwater


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put enemy divers in a test mission.

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Player can not go up against Opforce Divers & survive. I think this was an Arma 3 Alpha bug that was fixed once.

With this bug you can also hear the enemy talking & shouting whilst they are under water the same as if they were on land!

Confirmed (1.08). I think this bug was introduced in one of the recent updates.

Any progress => dazhbog ??? Missions agains opforce AI divers are none playable at the moment.

Still not fixed after 21/01/14 update :(

Isn't it the real issue that the player can NOT throw grenades and other throwables?

@Fireball This would be realistic but also plain suicide as you should not be able to throw an explosive more than a few meters, whereas the lethal radius is actually larger than on land.

Have you ever tried to throw anything under the water!

Its a bug plain & simple was fixed once, now its back again.

Just have to hope Bis get round to fixing it, but I think they are off doing other stuff, like this new "2017" Arma3 meets Dayz addon. pity they cant spare a little time to fix broken stuff. Still business is business.

Still not fixed! Why is that I wonder?

Another update and enemy divers still throwing grenades underwater! for distances of over 25yds. We now have more Butterflys but still this bug has not been fixed.

Bis what is the point of having the new diving ability in ArmA3 if the enemy AI divers kill players with grenades before you can even see them.