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Medium range scope reticles are blurry / out of place
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Scopes like the MRCO, ARCO, and HAMR have messed up reticles (when in the medium range mode, not the red dot sight). It looks like the reticle texture is copied and pasted in three different locations on top of the correct one. This makes it extremely hard to aim and is very ugly. This seems to be only on these scopes, longer/shorter range scopes are fine. {F22886} {F22887}


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Look through the zoomed in HAMR, MRCO, or ARCO scopes.

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Can anyone confirm this?

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Using Nvidia 760 with the latest drivers

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And: I can hit shit with this... needs like 2 Mags to get 1 hit on 300m

Upwoted, don't know why BIS won't fix it.

Only way to fix it - is to turn off your DOF (Depth of field) to zero

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Dupe of #15857, will promote the other issue.