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No Tank/APC/IFV interior Like in ArmA 2
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I know that there was a couple of APCs in ArmA 2 that had interiors.
They were the M6 Linebacker, and the BTR-60, but I don't know if there were others,

I like looking around the interior, peeking out small windows beside and in front of me, instead of just having a 2D window to peek out of.

Kind of like the tanks in Red Orchestra 2, where you can look around the tank interior.

It would add a LOT of immersion, and as a soon-to-be armoured soldier, it would be much better.


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3D interiors make only sense, if they get combined with interactive controls like in the following video. Otherwise it's not worth the effort.

Yeah, similar to Flight Simulator X, where you can click buttons in the cockpit.

Not even Flight Simulator X, freaking Take On Helicopters had interactive interiors!

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