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A-143 Buzzard unable to takeoff or land properly, "sticky" landing gear.
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The A-143 Buzzard is unable to take off or land and cannot move while on the ground. The issue is always present on the player's vehicle, but not AI controlled buzzards. When landing the A-143 will immediately stick to the landing spot, unable to move from where the gear initially touched. The only way to use a Buzzard currently is for the Buzzard to be set to flying.


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Game Physics
Steps To Reproduce

Place an A-143 Buzzard in the editor or enter a Buzzard Scenario, attempt to land or takeoff.

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Unable to reproduce, nothing but smooth landing and take off on my end.

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I noticed when I put the Buzzard down in the editor on the salt flat's runway, I couldn't taxi.

For me it happened on all surfaces, not only the Almyra runway.

Unable to reproduce. Are you using any mod? Are you able to reproduce this issue even without any mods? Thanks

No response for a long time. Closing as unable to reproduce.

Mass-close of resolved tickets not updated in last two weeks.