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Really disturbing bug for some scopes
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So in arma 3 there's scope that are like 2 scopes :D like SOS, DMS , NightStalker and etc... and why i didn't said RCO , Hamr and MRCO because theses scopes don't have the bug... so ! the bug is when you take a scope like SOS,DMS & NightStalker and you go to the small optic option it have a really weird 3D effect ... Maybe some people won't notice but my eyes burn when i see this ...


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Go to arma .-. be a with SOS,DMS or NightStalker change your optic to the small optic (ctrl + rmb) you can see a weird effect...

Additional Information

Apparently this doesn't work for scopes that are 3D (RCO,HAMR,MRCO)
here's a picture demonstrating the bug:

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Are you talking about the peripheral view blur? I didn't think it was a bug :o

@Vitdom don't you see in the picture the effect ? and btw what's peripheral view blur oO?

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Try to disable all postprocessing effects and try again. Maybe it will help. Please let us know.

no it won't , it's not pp effects ;)