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getting 'bin\config.bin/CfgMarkerColors.ColorCivilian' constantly on mission start up
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Playing Whole Lotta Altis and Whole Lotta Stratis and am getting the 'bin\config.bin/CfgMarkerColors.ColorCivilian' error every time at mission start and am unable to access mission features (after i try to resume the mission from where i left off at) that was developed by SaOk am wondering what I can do to remove this error message.


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Just starting up mission from steam workshop Whole Lotta Altis and Whole Lotta Stratis will get the error message and will be unable to access mission features after resuming.

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This is mission specific, and doesn't belong here.
You need to report it to the author of the mission.

It has been renamed to "ColorCIV"

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Changed the civilian color markers to more pinky in my missions. ;)

Color was renamed to 'colorCIV', but I forgot to leave there previous 'colorCivilian' for backward compatibility. Fixed, should appear in the next dev build update. Thanks for feedback.

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