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Buildings in editor
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Hello !
are there a way to put buildings dasn editor has ways that they be horizontal and they  do not follow  ground? put a bunker on a slope of 3% and its not going to look like anything

Sorry for my bad english :/
Y a t'il un moyen de poser un bâtiment dans l'éditeur de façon a ce qu'il ne suivent pas le terrain? Car une pente de 3% plus un bunker et sa ne ressemble plus a rien .....


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Put a building on a little hill and look for the result ...
why it can't be horizontally ?

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It's the same from Arma 2 Etc

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This belongs on the forums.

Also, the fact that you're French isn't an excuse for not knowing proper English. I'm not from an English speaking country, either, but at least people can understand me.

No AD to be fair it is an excuse, he can spell better that a lot of other English people nowadays.

True, but that doesn't mean its not an excuse.

Actually, IT IS an excuse, if he doesn't know too much english, good for him.

Blackhunter: This has been requested already..... ever since i think ArmA 1 or 2