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Debug console resets every time it's opened in latest dev build
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Just loaded up the game and went to test something in the debug console, and noticed that every time I open it, it has cleared the expression I wrote.

I also restarted to game to verify it wasn't just a one time thing.

EDIT: After feedback from gammadust I did some more testing, and he's right. It's not that it clears. It's that it resets to the values used before the update. All fields.


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Type something in debug console.
  2. Close and open debug console.

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Experiencing similar symtptom, in my case debug console relentlessly recovers last values* whenever launching the console. Even after A3 shutdown.

*as in the same that i had before the 1.07.112324 dev update was in effect.

AArgh this made it through to stable v1.06.

Anything put in the watch lines now resets back to what was there before stable update. This makes the debugConsole a pain in the arse to use as you cant flick in and out of the escape menu to see your results without having to keep typing in the values you want to watch all the time. (same for the execute box) (not to mention i had some vague rubbish in my watch vars that now throw errors on the screen every time i escape).

This needs a hotfix when you got it done Moricky, this is an invaluable tool and is going to drive me crazy if we have to wait till the next stable update to use properly.

Same here, except the console will always recover a line I used before the update.

same for me as it is for rakowozz

It's annoying, but there is a semi-workaround. If you bring the console up in editor rather than in preview the content saves.

For now, if there's something you want to keep, open up the Splendid Camera, and hit F1 to open the console from there. The console will save the content typed in there.

Thank you MulleDK19 & KK for the tips, my balding head appreciates them.

Should be fixed in the upcoming dev build. Sorry for the delay.

Mass-closing resolved issues updated only last year - assuming fixed correctly.