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New DMS scope useless because of impossibility for unzeroing
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The title says it all. The DMS scope has an in-buildt zeroing system which makes it great fun and a challenging twist for snipers, but it's zeroing-system is blown completely out of proportion when one can't set any sniper's zeroing to 0. I was really looking forward to using the DMS, but was disappointed by this problem. Please fix it.


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Why would you want to zero a rifle to 0m? That's the end of the barrel.

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How is it useless? I assume you want to use it like the SVD in ArmA2? In that case, the SVD was "zeroed" to 200 meters, not zero meters.

In real life, you can "zero" the PSO-1 scope out to 1000 meters, and then you use the lower chevrons for 1100, 1200, etc, ArmA2 was incorrect.

I haven't checked the values of the chevrons but the scope is definitely not useless - it zeroes from 300-1200m. I think they should add a 100 or 200 setting though, I don't know why scopes in the future have no apparent need to be set for under 300 meters.

Ah, I did not know this. Thank you, Goose. I suppose this makes the scope useful, but I liked it in Arma2 where you didn't necessarily have zeroing, and would rather have to use your calculation to see where you should aim with the scope in order to strike the target.
While zeroing is realistic and useful, I personally think it still dumbs down the sniping and makes it uninteresting and too easy. IMO, Zeroing should be possible to turn off.

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You could set it to 300m and try to use it like a BDC reticle, in the editor the chevrons appeared to correspond to the following *approximate* ranges when zeroed at 300m: 300-600-800-1000

Not as useful in that way as the ArmA 2 one since it was not designed that way.

@ceeeb: lol. More like your foot. Rofl.

I'd like to see a DMS scope with no zeroing too, making you use holdoffs. The fact that you can zero it at various ranges just confuses me because there's nothing you can use in the scope view to reference the ranges of the chevrons beyond the scale provided.


in real life, the markings would not be the same for two rifles that had different bullet ballistics.
for example a .416 round would need very different markings from a .22 rifle.

That's what I've been thinking, The Demongod, and that's why I want the Dragunov in the game, or at least some sniper rifle that is particularly designed for that exact scope. I loved using the Dragunov's scope in Arma2, it was the only sniper I was good with, and so I'd love to see it in Arma3 as well.

Frankly I don't think it matters as much that diff rifles have diff bullet trajectories, make it work with holdoffs so that you can actually choose to use it. The fun factor is more important.

But I get that this is one of those "oops I painted myself into a corner" situations. It could be tricky to solve or do anything about. I don't know.