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Map display control centre point is not map screen centre point
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Observed: The centre point of the map display control area is not the centre point of the map screen. The causes issues when using ctrlMapScreenToWorld, as [0.5, 0.5] is the center of the screen, not the display control.

Expected: Both the map display and map screen centre should be the same point, as was the case in Arma2OA. Alternatively, the control centre could be moved to the display area centre, but this point is not the centre of the screen.

My terminology might be a bit off, hopefully this makes some sense. {F22760} {F22761}


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Steps To Reproduce

Execute the following script in Arma2 and Arma3:

open the map, zoom in, centre map about [1000,1000]
openMap [true, false];
waitUntil {visibleMap};
_mapDisplay = findDisplay 12;
_mapCntrl = _mapDisplay displayCtrl 51;
_mapCntrl ctrlMapAnimAdd [1, 0.1, [1000, 1000]];
ctrlMapAnimAdd centres the control centre point, not the map screen.
ctrlMapAnimCommit _mapCntrl;

waitUntil {ctrlMapAnimDone _mapCntrl};
_centre = _mapCntrl ctrlMapScreenToWorld [0.5, 0.5];
systemChat format ["map displayCtrl is centred about point %1", _centre];
systemChat "map display is centred about [1000,1000]";

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Running into the same issue. ctrlMapScreenToWorld [0.5, 0.5] is supposed to return the centre of the map control I am referencing, but it only does that when the map control sits right in the middle of the screen.

Can we please get a fix?

This is not a bug. You assume the map center is [0.5,0.5], but it's not, so the script is incorrect.

The correct solution is to calculate map dimensions dynamically:
_mapCtrl = findDisplay 12 displayCtrl 51;
_center = _mapCtrl ctrlMapScreenToWorld [
(ctrlPosition _mapCtrl select 0) + (ctrlPosition _mapCtrl select 2) * 0.5,
(ctrlPosition _mapCtrl select 1) + (ctrlPosition _mapCtrl select 3) * 0.5

This solution will work with every map, no matter what its dimensions are.

Thanks Moricky. BI wiki states [0.5,0.5] is centre (which was apparently true for full screen map as used in OFP->Arma2). I will correct it now.

Mass-closing all resolved issues not updated in the last month.

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