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Game inexplicably switches to 3rd person when it should zoom when right clicking in vehicles.
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In many vehicles when occupying positions in particular right clicking switches into 3rd person view mode instead of zooming (still can be done with Ins/Del).

This behavior is inconsistent with the control schema for the rest of the game. Suggest making the assigned 1st/3rd person key the exclusive method of switching the POV.


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  1. Get into a any position of a tank/apc
  2. Right click

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ceeeb added a comment.Nov 16 2013, 1:32 PM

Due to default controls.
Many vehicle crew positions do not have a non-optic interior view, so the exterior view is presented instead.

Regardless it should then be a two separate functions in options that can be bound to the same key/button, not hardcoded to it for the obvious reason that it takes away the player's agency to decide how the button can be used for them in vehicles.

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R3vo added a comment.Nov 16 2013, 8:38 PM

We can´t upvote this enough, it´s so annoying, I often switch to third person view when trying to give a target to my tank gunner.

@machineabuse - there are two separate functions. In the default control setup:
"Zoom temporary" and "Hold breath" are bound to "Hold Sec. Mouse Btn"
"Optics" and "Optics Temporary" are bound to "Sec. "Mouse Btn"

Optics is the control that is changing you to third person view.

ceeeb: I am aware, and that is precisely the problem. What I am saying is that "Optics" behavior changes in some vehicles from how it behaves normally for infantry and in fact other vehicles. This should not be the case. If optics in an MRAP gunner seat switches from the seat view to the gunner camera, that logically follows on from going from first person to sighted view as an infantry.

It therefore is adopting a completely different behavior if it is going from 1st to 3rd person in a tank. The fact that this behavior is influenced further via difficulty settings introduces even more inconsistent and frustrating behavior.

ceeeb added a comment.Nov 17 2013, 5:05 AM

Okay, I agree that pushing Optics should not change from first person view to third person view. In case of vehicles without any interior, pushing Optics should do nothing.

as far as i remember right click is zoom,switch view and lock on target

ceeeb: on the same page now!

shadowmaster: zoom and lock on target can now be separated in options, zoom and switch view cannot as far as I am aware.

yeah but i noticed that by default "t" alo lock on target but sometimes it does not work and rightclick does

shadowmaster: Do this to fix;

  1. Unbind "lock or zoom" from "weapons"
  2. Bind "zoom temporary" from "view" to your second mouse button
  3. Lastly bind "Next Target" and "Next Target [In vehicle]" to the same key of your choice.
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