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Greyhawks can't land on dirt runways without trying to automatically take off.
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While I was playing the CSAT armory, once I took off the UAV and landed it, the UAV automatically tried to take off again even when I turned off the engines.


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UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle)
Steps To Reproduce
  1. Load up a mission
  2. Place a Auto UAV greyhawk
  3. Take it off
  4. Land it back on the runway
  5. park it
  6. Turn the engine off
  7. Watch it power back up and crash and burn itself.

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Should be fixed in current version of dev build. Could you place check it and let me know if you still able to reproduce it? Thanks

Well, they don't take off anymore, BUT now when you try and tell them a order like to loiter around a zone, they go and land at the nearest airport.

So fixed, but now there's a new issue.

I am unable to reproduce that loiter waypoint issue in current dev build. Could you please check it one more time? If you will be still able to reproduce it, please create a new ticket with step-by-step repro or repro mission. Thanks!

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