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Respawn Menu : last respawn location choosen even if position has been removed
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On creating a mission with a Respawn Menu template when you respawn just clicking the respawn button will place you at the last position you respawned.

If this position is removed whilst looking at the menu, all positions in the list update properly but on clicking the respawn button you will respawn at your last respawn position even though it no longer exists. {F22738}


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Steps To Reproduce

Use the repro mission provided.
On game start use the action "create respawn pos"
Hit escape and respawn at this new position "Flag Pole"
Now use the other action "respawn and remove"
Wait at the respawn menu until the Flag Pole position is removed from the list

  • notice the menu updates properly
  • selected position looks like the default position is selected (spinning arrows "Grid 018055")

Click the respawn button
-you will actually respawn at the Flag Pole even though this position no longer exists as a valid respawn position.

Additional Information

This is due to the player not choosing a position from the menu and it defaulting to the last position used.

When the menu updates so should the default position held for the player if the default position no longer exists.

Visually in the menu everything looks fine, internally in the script it seems to be not updated properly.

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Up voted as a very bad bug for progressive zone capture missions using advancing frontline respawns

Fixed, should appear in the next dev build update.

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This is still not 100% fixed. (Stable build v1.06)
If the position is removed whilst the respawning player is looking at the respawn menu then they are still able to respawn at the position although it has been removed and is no longer a viable position.

What is fixed is - on reentering the respawn menu once a position has been removed, if your default position does not exist then you are given a viable position from the list.

As it currently is leaves a PvP exploit, on knowing you are going to lose the position (if your last respawn was here and you have not selected anything in the respawn menu) you can wait at the respawn menu, once the enemy team has captured the point and your respawn position has been removed, it is possible to wait for either the enemy to move on or be less cautious because they think the area is clear but you can still spawn on top of them.

If you wish to remove this behaviour from any PvP missions you are developing you can use this for now, until it is fixed :-

player addEventHandler ["Respawn", {
h = [] spawn {

		waitUntil { !(isNull (uiNamespace getVariable ["RscDisplayRespawn_display",displayNull])) };
		while {!(isNull (uiNamespace getVariable ["RscDisplayRespawn_display",displayNull]))} do {
			_defaultRespawnLocation = missionNamespace getVariable ["BIS_fnc_respawnMenuPosition_respawn",""];
			_respawnPositions = ((player call bis_fnc_objectSide) call bis_fnc_getRespawnMarkers) + (player call bis_fnc_getRespawnPositions);
			if ( !(_defaultRespawnLocation in _respawnPositions) ) then {
				missionNamespace setVariable ["BIS_fnc_respawnMenuPosition_respawn",""];
			sleep 0.05;


This as a respawn eventHandler will constantly monitor the player whilst looking at the respawn menu, if his current default respawn position is no longer available it will be removed and he will be assigned a new one.

BL1P added a comment.Nov 21 2013, 10:55 AM

Small point of note Larrow.
Even when using that event handler the error still happens but only at about 0.05% of the time rather than 100% of the time as it is with BIS

Just pointing that it still happens but very rarely

May be worth removing that check from the while loop BL1P and adding it to a onEachFrame event instead. Maybe the odd occasion slipping through due to the sleep.

Check PM

This is still not 100% fixed. (Stable build v1.06)

That's why I wrote "should appear in the next dev build update." ;)
Could you please test it there?

oh ok , seeing we had had two dev updates and a stable update with alot of sector fixes since that comment i just presumed that this had gone through aswell.

Will test when it goes stable, I really dont have the bandwith and patience to be swapping back and forward between dev and stable every day. I wish you guys would go back to the OA way of patching (as a mod) makes life so much easier.

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