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Purpose of this ticket is work as 'main hub'
with links via relationship to all MP issues on Arma 3 Feedback Tracker


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Thank you David for showing special interest in MP issues. Let me start adding my MP issues as I revisit them: //MPRespawn is broken, security issues with global effect of MP EHs //When date is changed on the server, the synced date's year on client is stuck on 2035 //playSound3D ignores max audible distance param when executed on the server

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(the last one was marked as resolved)

Edit: preInit ticket was also marked as resolved now (nothing will change).
(It's sad to see that there is no real interest in MP @BI :(
I'm bailing out here again, not worth it) //various inconsistencies with inventory commands (see spreadsheet)

Dunno if we are supposed to include feature requests here, but here it is anyway //streamline server joining process

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Can anybody test if the following is still valid:
and if so create a new A3 ticket?

(No access to my PC currently)

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The larger issue is that there is no multiplayer except for a handful of small coops. Relying on content from the community (which are often times, buggy, broken, no longer compatible, unsupported and / or works in progress) leaves multiplayer aspect of A3 empty and dying.

The current crop of gametypes and missions are largely revisions to A2 missions.

Additionally the server browser is broken and reports inaccurate numbers of servers, types and players.

Top quality MP missions and gametypes should have been on the drawing board months if not years ago and should be officially coded, tested, and maintained over the life of the game. Yes this takes time, money and resources but if A3 is a game and not just a game engine then you actually need to provide some large scale multiplayer, p vs p, content here. //lockDriver and lockCargo are too slow when executed on the server //hands dont move with the steering wheel, only happens in MP //double audio from ai created on the server //no get in animation on server spawned Hellcat //assignedvehiclerole is [] on server when vehicle local to server //private ticket listing some security holes //script failures on server restart, sorry for pretty vague ticket, but this is all I have so far

metafa added a subscriber: metafa.May 7 2016, 5:23 PM //Dedicated server overwrites profile namespace completely when starting //cargo parachutes a not created already open with "FLY" attribute on dedicated server //assigning global variable to object is broken //server spawned object moves when the same object created on client //Loading savegame incorrectly marks all tasks as completed/failed on custom multiplayer coop maps //Regular desysnc when playing coop on maps //When resuming a savegame close to enemy in coop the player will run around, engage and get killed while savegame still loading

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