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AAF don't speak Greek!
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I guess it's a bit late to do anything about this now (?), seeing as the first part of the campaign has been released, but why do all the Greek AAF units speak English instead of Greek?! I sort of understand it with the FIA, but with the AAF it seems really bizarre. Especially since the ammo crates are written in Greek. It shatters continuity - particularly when there are great recordings in Farsi for CSAT. Please BI - it'd be awesome if you could rope 2-3 Greek speakers into re-recording your AAF audio!


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If you're going to down vote, please be so kind as to offer a little explanation. Maybe I've missed something?

It's a former british colony, the official language is english is probably why.

So why are the ammo crates in Greek? Good point, though. I did forget it used to be a colony. Still feel there ought to be Greek speech, nonetheless.

I think -as the game is mainly in english- that it's the best solution: english with an accent. I think it should also be the case for the iranian forces... Like it was in OFP red hammer: english with an accent. Everybody can understand, but the voices are differents...
That's why I down vote... Sry

That's fair enough Papy. It's the continuity that gets me. Either all English or none, would be best. Seems this is quite a divisive topic!

Yes, I agree...

Sir, I am completely on your side. Arma 2 did it perfectly. British colonies usually don't speak English anyway. The entire AAF is just off. They are somehow completely modernized with a population under 50,000. It just isn't realistic. +1 from me ;). They said this game would be authentic!

In a firefight, I don't want to be able to understand the enemy. It is more intimidating to hear someone shouting commands in another language, and more awesome. I just cannot stand the fact that the Altian locals all speak English.

Be nice if BI could pull something out their sleeve for this one!

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Yes please.

They, I think, can't further spend money on the that when they can spend it on fixing other bigger issues. I this is probably gonna be like this forever.

It's possible that the equipment comes from mainland Greece. Boxes would still be marked in Greek. If China were to buy surplus weapons from Russia, the Russian labels on existing containers wouldn't magically become Chinese when they arrive. Whatever the case, It's so minor. I didn't even care to notice until you mentioned it.