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Stealth behaviour and Combat behaviour is too much alike - need to differentiate between the too
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Currently stealth behavior is just like combat behavior other than whispering voice.

My proposal:
When in stealth, the AI should prefer crouch/prone stance, never standing. The move slowly (walk speed) never running, quick stop more often. And for the most part try to avoid the enemy.

When in combat, they should go to Combat behavior; no point whispering when bullets are already flying towards you


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Finally someone made a ticket about this. I agree with the description. The stealth mode really needs to be slow and low. Sprinting and unnecessary movement is killing the AI, especially when facing a scanning APC.

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stealth was perfect from OFP : crouch and use bushes, fire only to reply enguagment, or if leader gives the order to attack a specific target.

Now AI rushes like rambo juniors, this make no sense at all

The CIT also a few good tickets about this.