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Emotionless, fearless & almost immortal AI...
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If you shoot the enemy and they don't die immediately, they should at least become injured or shocked and attempt to seek cover.
At the moment they just do a massive pelvic thrust then kill you in one shot.
I shot a guy 4 times (one was in the face) and he calmly shot me dead then casually walked away like a T-1000

As it is now shooting the enemy is the equivalent of tapping them on the shoulder to let them know you're here.

It would also look more varied and realistic if the AI used ALL of the different stances that are available to the player. (extended lean, rolling while prone, etc...)


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Lol yes they do that.

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AI does not fear death. They just keep shooting forever and they hardly ever take cover after reloading.

AI does not fear puny human. Even when puny human runs them over with an armored car.

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Fuckin terminators... I think the AI should use the stance adjustments to their advantage too, but also shit their pants if a tank rolls up on their position (by shit their pants I mean sprint in the opposite direction)

Tested with the MX 6.5mm...

from 2 meters away...
It takes 5 body shots or 2 head shots to kill every single time.

This is frustrating when firing at range because you already know before you fire that the 1st 2nd 3rd and 4th direct hits are going to be meaningless, and the enemy is just going to carry on as normal until the 5th shot kills him.

Bohemia added a subscriber: Bohemia.May 7 2016, 5:19 PM

+ 1! Headshot - 1 shot, down.

It would be much better if the enemy dropped to the ground using ragdoll physics on the 1st shot.
Then if still alive after the 1st shot depending on what condition they're left in they can attempt to either seek cover, fight back, lay on ground alive but immobile etc...

They definitely should not simply turn around and fire back as accurately as they do after 1 shot to the head & 3 to the body or arms & legs.
This has made me not want to play single player any more due to the predictable and unrealistic activity of the enemy after shooting them many times.

Perfect example is Tipping Point. I have yet to actually get past the mortar part, with enemy AI set to 0.00 and friendly AIs set to 1.00 on skill. The mortars are RIDICULOUSLY accurate about 50% of the time (I've tried this mission quite a few times now) with mortars dropping RIGHT on the remainders of the squad, with either only me or only me and one or two others alive because we lagged behind. Once the paratroopers drop, it's done for the rest of us. One or two shots at them, and then next thing I know, BOOM, dead. Around 200 M, I got SNIPED with a grenade launcher, as soon as I shot at him. Happened quite a lot during the campaign, actually. Enough that I pretty much just let my (much less effective, with a 100% greater skill level setting...) AI handle an area and absorb the bullets.

I agree, I created a commando mission where 3 commando's have to overwhelm a position with 4 soldiers. It only works if I'm prone and can see only one enemy, shoot him and let my buddies target the other ones that are closing in on me.

It works, but it's too difficult. From a prepared position I should be able to at least take out two enemies before they react. As it is, if another ones sees me killing the first one, I'm usually dead, even though I turned their aiming accuracy way down!

Does anyone have any info on whether this issue is being looked at?...
This has made the game totally unplayable, any chance we could revert back to the original AI damage until something better is sorted? :-)

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The devs are on vacation right now.

markRev added a subscriber: markRev.May 7 2016, 5:19 PM

This is crap... Ok, some things like the new first aid kit system is really a step backward since what we got with Arma 2, but that is nothing compared to THIS. I'm a BIS fan since OPF demo but I can't play to Arma 3 for this stated reason. WITH EXTENDED ARMOR OFF, enemy soldiers won't die with at least 2 hits, 3 on average, even from 3 meters AWAY. This is ** unacceptable, since it's not like "you hit them, they are at least incapacitated", nope, they still combat like, as OP well said a T1000. Please BIS fix this.

Btw, in the video below there's a soldier hit by a small rock shrapnel... Jesus, he's bleeding and he can't continue to fight, for sure. In Arma 3 right now soldiers can take DIRECT BULLETS in the face without getting a scratch.

tarciop added a subscriber: tarciop.May 7 2016, 5:19 PM

related to #8799

jgaz-uk added a subscriber: jgaz-uk.May 7 2016, 5:19 PM

The settings for the AI make playing A3 NOT the enjoyable experienced it should be. What's the point in having a new ArmA game that looks really good, with all the bells & whistles, if its crap to play! Come on BIS get this sorted. The enemy AI setting in ARMA TWO work fine, can A3 not be the same/similar ?

I really hope that this issue gets sorted soon because the single player side of the sim has been totally unplayable for well over a month now.

BIS please sort this one when you can, cheers! +1

Lol, I just shot someone in the face at point blank range with an assault rifle - barely even flinched! Most realistic mil sim ever, huh?

The first reaction 99% of the time is to hit the ground immediately, even if the bullet hits body armour or misses the target completely, the shock of being shot at causes this invoulentary reaction.
Then while the wounded target is on the ground the rest of the team (or friends) strive vehemently to get the victim to safety by any means possible like dragging, carrying etc...

Wounded victims lying on the ground all seem to share similar human characteristic by attempting to turn over in a limp, slow, weak and helpless manner, occasionally resting their forearm on their forehead, raising a knee etc...
Shooting these incapacitated victims over and over sometimes causes no reaction at all and the victim keeps on very slowly writhing, and sometimes if the round strikes areas like ligament & tendons it can result in quick jerky spasm like movements sending the victim into the fetal position.
They can appear dead and still for long periods of time then all of a sudden raise an arm or attempt to lift their head.

So basically if the 1st shot isn't initially lethal, the victim will probably be on the floor 99% of the time and not just running around like he's actually enjoying being shot and dodging bullets, shouting things like "Ya missed me!" & "That didn't hurt!" lol

That's a detailed description Feral. Although it sounds plausible in some cases, the percentage you mentioned is very high and your story contradicts some of the earlier contributions. Do you have some evidence to back it up?

@Armadillo: from my own testing I concluded that the Arma3 helmet object covers the whole head and resists 1 bullet. So even if you shoot the face (no, not the face!), it takes two bullets to take him down. Remove the helmet and it takes one bullet.

Even a little randomization would make the helmet behavior more believable. So sometimes it takes one bullet, another time two bullets in the face to take someone down.

I don't want to post any disturbing videos but if you do want to study the reactions of people being shot there are plenty on youtube & liveleak if you search using key words along the lines of...
'headcam firefight'
'Sniper Syria'
'Syria death'

Like I said don't use these key words if you're easily disturbed.

@Fera: I'm not saying wounded behavior doesn't occur like you say. I believe you, and youtube results of your suggested key words probably prove that (haven't tried them yet).

I'm having some doubts though if this is representative. For these reasons:

  • You might find 100 youtube movies with wounded lying down upon shot, but maybe you can find 100 movies with wounded returning fire immediately as well?
  • Are youtube movies the 'average', or more towards 'extreme' (that's why they're posted)?

What I'm saying is that I believe you, except the 99% part, you pulled that out of your ass, just to make a point! :-P

What I take from the discussion is that gunshot wounds and the victims behavior are highly variable and haven't seen good evidence to base a simple model on: let's say 80% of wounded fall down and 20% return fire or everyone with a torso wound falls down, but with a leg wound returns fire.

Interesting discussion this, I will take a look at some of the results from your key words. I hope Arma3 can be improved on 'wounded behavior'. Whether returning fire or taking cover, I think every one agrees that AI reacts too quick and accurate as it is.

@joostSidy: check this video I posted above: It's not extreme so everyone can watch it without worries. There are even more videos, I don't wanna link not because of graphic violence (they are all fine with soldiers just receiveng scratches from ricochets) it's just I don't wanna spam in this conversation.

Point is: You can find soldiers that fall down on the ground just from ricochets, scratches, I remember this soldier being hit on the helmet just by a shard, he is lying down on the ground loosing NO BLOOD but watching the medic like "who am I? Where am I?".

Soldiers are trained, but they are still f* humans.

They do not dying instantly because they have body armors (plate carriers).
When you shoot them in ass or in back they will die much faster.

I don't expect them to die instantaneously as it takes quite allot to kill a human.
I just simply want the characters to react to being shot at. As it is now in ARMA 3 the AI do not respond to suppressive fire, they just take the bullets and carry on strutting around.

Even being hit on body armour would cause you to try and get as close to the earth's core as possible, or run to the nearest cover due to fear of losing your life.
Even rounds missing and passing over your head will cause the same reaction.

Here's a video of a guy being shot in the front plate and receives no wounds whatsoever, but he still drops like a bag of shite before running to cover.

It looks like it's going in the right direction (at least a bit):


  • Impacts of bullets cause soldiers to ragdoll a bit (flinch) even if they are fully absorbed by armor

Yeah I tested it and they've made some sort of attempt...

But the the enemy still run around twitching and bending like Benny Hill while you're sending multiple rounds into them.
If you shoot people that are in the prone position it looks like they're trying to have passionate sex with the ground. I can't aim for laughing :-s

One shot should send them to the ground simple.

BIS, just look at TPW FALL mod, goddamit! xD It is a gamechanger for me

It's still taking a ridiculous amount of shots to take the enemy down...
And by this I don't mean 'kill' I mean to incapacitate them or force them to take cover.
People keep trying to justify this by mentioning the simulation of body armour but even while wearing the most protective of body armour, no one and I mean NO ONE would just stand there after being shot.
This system is simply not working for example while I'm shooting the enemy usually they do nothing at all, but sometimes they start to ragdol and halfway down just spring back upright like a drunken puppet while shooting me at the same time.
Without sounding too blunt it looks crap and it's getting worse with every update.

@FeralCircus: I very much agree with:

'It's still taking a ridiculous amount of shots to take the enemy down...
And by this I don't mean 'kill' I mean to incapacitate them or force them to take cover.'

Winning is more than killing everyone, goals are also gaining the advantage, suppressing and out-maneouvring. This should be done by forcing the enemy to take cover by for instance wounding them or near-misses. Now it's way too much black-and-white which leads to very short fire-fights.

Again also agree with above;

Getting worse after updates seems to be the norm for Bis please keep it simple. ArmA 2 settings for hits is playable & looks OK so it can be done. If you have to have complicated body armour variations at least let a hit to an enemy AI body knock the unit down to the floor for 4 or 5 seconds
and/or then take cover before re engaging.

So the characters ragdol to the ground on the 1st shot then randomized the recovery anywhere between 1 - 10 seconds depending on the damage or shock.
That way it eliminates the silly ragdol interruption that is happening at the moment :-)

Dupe of #8799.